Not Completely Human

Jon Leta

They were wrong, they had to be, a human cyborg? My hands trembled as more memories of my past returned. The faces of family and friends, fellow soldiers who had served along side me. Tears streaked down my face, but I quickly swept them away. I had to be strong for Chloe, she was taking it as hard as I was.

"Why?" I said feeling detached from my body. "Why didn't you tell us?" James looked away, avoiding  my gaze. 

"Would you have reacted any differently than you are now? Would knowing anything of your past changed your lives here, in the future? No. You are still Jonathan Leta, you are still twenty one years old and you are still my son. Whether we are related or not." I shut my eyes, my entire life had been a lie. 

"What...what part of me is cybernetic?" James stood and walked over to my side, wrapping his arms around me. Chloe looked on in disbelief. 

"Your arms and upper torso are completely cybernetic along with your ears, eyes, and spinal cord. Here, let me show you. Hold out your arm." I shied away from him but held out my right arm, palm up. He pressed lightly on a small area above where my supposed veins sat. A small hiss sounded and a line formed down the length of my arm. Carefully, James removed the false skin revealing jet black cybernetic arms. Light whirring noises sounded as my arm and fingers moved. Suddenly I felt light headed and woozy, Chloe moved behind me and caught me before I hit the ground. 

"Easy," Dr. Greenwood cooed moving beside James, helping to lay me down on the floor. The world grew fuzzy and shifted to another time, another place. My eyes fell shut and I was swallowed by the darkness. 


I started awake, sitting sharply up. My eyes adjusted to the light and I realized I was in the guest room. My breathing slowed when all the previous days memories returned. Human Cyborg. Looking at my arms, I noticed that the false skin was removed from both my right and left arms. That's when the software for my eyes kicked in. A small HUD (heads up display) appeared before me, invisible to others. It identified objects all across the room, bringing up small boxes of relevant data about the object.

It took a few moment's but I grew used to the enhanced vision. A knock sounded at the door, I didn't move. Three more knocks sounded before the door knob clicked open. Chloe walked in slowly, giving me a half hearted smile. A identification window appeared next to her with small arrows marking her cybernetics. Half robotic heart, right leg and left hand were prostheses, her right eye retina was also mechanical; poor girl. 

"You alright?" her voice asked in a whisper. I shook my head and stood. 

"No," I glanced down to my cybernetic, jet black, arms. Chloe moved closer to me and before I could react, hugged me tightly. 

The End

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