What we are


Jon and I faced both our foster parents during dinner time. They were discussing about magnetic reversal and polarity and their effects on our highly technological world. The conversation was drifting into the darker corners of Science.

I cleared my throat, all the faces turned to me. "Jon and I have something to ask both of you," I said, setting down my fork into the untouched plate full of food. Charles and James watched us with a sort of amusement in their eyes. "Well, we've been experiencing some memories or flashbacks-if you may. Mine are basically about this place in ruins, I... I think I'm injured and about to die," my voice faltered as I recalled those vivid memories, "and then I hear your voice..." my eyes were holding Charles quavering eyes. His mouth was slightly opened and his face was livid.

"I am a soldier in my recurring dreams," Jon said, "I am in battle, explosions roar next to me as I watch buildings collapsing and becoming dust. Then I hear your voice," Jon looked straight at James, who couldn't utter a word in response.

"What does it mean?" I asked childishly, afraid that those memories would haunt me forever. Memories without a source or owner. I tried to think back my memories of my childhood but they were a haze. I couldn't think straight or clearly about a memory shared by me and Charles, not one. I had the feeling that they were implanted and never existed, but then, who was I? Or rather, what was I?

Charles sighed, a sudden sadness overcame him as he spoke the following, "sooner or later, we knew your neurons would click and link your memories back to you. We were too afraid to touch the human brain, too afraid that if we damaged a brain tissue we might lose both of you..."

"What are we?" Jon asked, his hand trembling with anticipation for the much awaited answer.

"Magnetic reversal is having a toll on both of you," James said, "we have no doubt its having the same effect in the rest of the experiments."

Magnetic Reversal. Effect. Experiments. Everything seem to fall in place: the strange sensation of not belonging here or with my peers. "We are not humans, are we?" my voice shook with uncertainty and fear.

Charles shook his head, "at least not totally human," he said in a soft voice.

"We do not belong to this era right?" Jon asked, understanding drawn on his face.

"No," James replied. "To be honest, we never expected you to find out so soon."

"It's time to tell the story behind it all, unmasked the truth that was implanted on you," Charles said. "I am not sure if you are familiar with World War II back in the 1940's. Well, both of you livid during that time period. Jon was a soldier and you were the daughter of a general, both of you were left had dead. A group of ambitious scientists rescued your bodies and a few others and took them to their underground lab to experiment. Their plan was to create war machines capable of surpassing human features, enhancing them with strength and abilities. By the time they were finished, the war had concluded. Their experiments underwent a cryogenic process to conserve their human parts and were left forgotten at the approach of the new century."

"On June 2110, we were sent on an expedition and accidentally found the underground lab," James continued, "we were thrilled by the discovery so we quickly set up an observation space in order to figure out the best way to treat you. We revived them and reprogrammed their mind, making them forget what they previously were before. Each of the scientists that took part in the discovery was entrusted with an individual to look after. Their age range varied but we were able to seeped some fake memories into their minds, your minds..."

"That's why my apparent childhood seems blurry," I whispered, my head throbbed with pain as the truth was spoken. "That's why I don't have any photographs from when I was younger..."

"I am sorry, Chloe," Charles voice was in pain, "I should've told you before but I feared what you'd become after the truth."

I didn't know what to think or feel. Numbness was the only emotion that came to my mind as I tried to process the information. I raised my hands and examined my fingers, they look so human, but I wondered if they were. I looked at Jon, who seem to be more in control of displaying his emotions than I was.

"What about the others?" he asked.

"The others live around the world, I am sure they are experiencing flashback just like yours as we speak," James said, "the geomagnetic instability is causing it. For instance, Yuuki, he is one of you as well."

"One of us?" my voice rang after an awkward moment of silence, "but you haven't answered... what are we?"

"Human Cyborgs."

The End

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