More Mysteries Appear Before Me

The next day I was permitted to leave the hospital. I walked out, unharmed but Chris still clung onto my skinny arm, asking me every few minutes if I was okay.

'I'm okay, Chris! You can go home now!' I said in a sharp voice when I accidentally let my temper rise. She looked hurt then squared her shoulders and stood in front of me, I frowned at her, confused.

'I don't like how you and and that Chloe girl were along together.' She huffed, blushing like crazy. I snorted and started laughing. She looked at me, annoyed and red.

'You seriously were upset by that? She was only there to see if I was okay. Besides, I don't even know her last name!' I said inbetween laughs.

'Oh. Fine then.' She said in a meek voice.

'But, honestly, you can go home.'I told her once I'd calmed down.

She agreed to let me go home alone and left me for the Pod that led to her house. I was still waving when she was out of sight.

Then I blinked and I was somewhere else.

I was running, running so fast. My leg's felt as though they were about to fall off. I was crying. Why was I crying? Oh yeah, because I had to leave my scientists. Why was there so much fire? Why did this place feel so familiar...?

A flame latched onto my ragged hospital gown, it travelled fast, covering my whole body. I screamed in pain and rolled around madly on the floor.

A hand appeared in front of me. I looked up, I saw a friend. Yes it was a friend. There was another one behind her. Those two were the ones I could trust. I grabbed hold of her hand and the boy grabbed my wrist. They pulled me, the weaker, more feeble one along behind them like a tow-truck.

'Faster! Faster!' The girl friend yelled at the two of us.

'Were running as fast as we can! He's confused and weak! How much longer can he hold up?'The boy friend shouted back.

'I'm fine! You can leave me! Both of you, please escape!' My voice called out, it was hoarse and dry from the heat of the fires.

'Were not leaving you, yu---'

I opened my eyes, gasping for air. I was on all fours and some passers-by were looking at me weirdly. I think I was crying.

What were those visions? Were they the thing's I'm not supposed to remember that my parents were arguing over?

What the hell is going on here? What's wrong with me?

The End

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