Jon Leta

I heard her coming down the hall, she may not have been loud but I did hear her footsteps. A light knock sounded from my door as I began removing the pieces of glass. 

"Chloe?" I asked. The door cracked slightly and Chloe poked her head in.

"Yea, mind if I come in?" I motioned with my uninjured hand. She gave me a quaint smile, entered, and sat a nearby chair. I returned my attention to the glass, biting back yelps of pain as I removed each piece. 

"What'd you need?" I asked. I couldn't see her face but I guessed she noticed my hand. Immediately she stood and examined my hand. Her eyes grew large and looked to me as blood dripped into a small pool on the floor. I shook my head and pulled another shard loose, Chloe shuddered. "There's a med kit in my bag." She nodded and grabbed the kit, helping me to bandage my bleeding hand. I just stared at the bloody pool between my feet. There was something hanging in the air, like when a question goes unasked. Turning to Chloe, our eyes met. She looked just as worried and confused as I felt. 

"Chloe...I...This city, does it look familiar to you?" She shivered as she looked at the walls, like she was remembering some awful nightmare. 

"Yes," her voice was almost a whisper. 

"I know it too." I replied, recalling the images, sounds, and smells that had haunted for the past few days. I was a soldier, from where or when I didn't know but questions needed answering. 

"I heard his voice," My brow furrowed as I looked at Chloe. Who did she mean? James, perhaps? "I heard my father's step father's voice." She was experiencing the same visions, the same flashbacks to some unknown place. This couldn't be a coincidence.

"Chloe, I know what you mean. I heard James's voice after..." I shivered "after some horrifying..."

"...Memory." she finished. I nodded. 

"Something happened to us, I don't know what. What I do know, is that our foster fathers have something to do with it and I want answers!" I slammed my bandage hand on the nightstand sending a shock wave of pain up my arm. Standing, I looked to Chloe.

"Come on, let's go find James and Dr. Greenwood. I have a feeling they can fill in the missing pieces!"  

The End

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