Past Life

Jon Leta

I starred angrily down at  young kid, he couldn't have been older than 15. Chloe quickly helped me drag the boys unconscious body from the wreckage of the cafe to a sidewalk. 

"He's breathing, just fained." she said more to herself than me. I shook with adrenaline, the stimulant sending my body into overdrive. My glanced shifted from one street to the next as paramedic's and police arrived, the lights from the car blazing and flickering. A paramedic and an android hurried over to us, placing the kid on a stretcher. 

"What happened to him?" the paramedic asked as they carted the kid over to the Mag-lev Ambulance and loaded him in. Chloe shook her head. 

"He came out of nowhere and smashed into the rouge android." The nearby android nodded. Chloe turned to me, he eyes were filled with confusion and worry. 

"I'm going with them to the hospital. I just want to know he's o.k." She turned away and jumped into the ambulance. It's doors shut and sirens wailed as the vehicle sped away. I clenched my fists, as rage twisted in my gut. If that kid had stayed away, I could have handled the situation. I leaned on a nearby buildings wall, waiting for the police questioners to reach me. Out of my back pocket, I pulled a cigarette and a lighter. I let the tiny flame ignite the cigarette. Placing it in my mouth, I took a deep drag and breathed out a heavy cloud of smoke. Why the hell would Chloe care for that brash kid? He had to be suicidal, charging an android like that. I shut my eyes, remembering the chef fly from the kitchen and fires ignite. I could see the android stepping from the flames, like a demon from hell. I shuddered, whatever provoked that android it wasn't good. Another cloud of smoke wavered from my lips as the officer neared me, digital tablet in hand.

"Sir, I'm gonna have to ask you a few questions...if that's alright." I nodded, flicking the rest of my cigarette into the streets. "First, what's your name?"

"Jonathan  Leta." The officer input my name, pulling up my file. After checking through my information his attention returned to me.

"It says you live in Arcadia, what are you doing in Gendarnium?" I raised an eye brow. Like that really mattered. 

"I'm here because my dad is a Co-Worker of Dr. Greenwood. The officer flinched at the doctors name. Apparently everyone in this city knew the Dr. "Why were you at the cafe?" he continued questioning. 

"Lunch." I shot back, lighting another cigarette. 

"What did you see?" I shrugged, recalling everything that had happened. After the officer had taken everything down, he bid me good day and went to the next witness. Turning away from the scene, I strode to a nearby Mag-Lift. After a few seconds I found myself at the Greenwood mansion. The door opened allowing me inside. 

"James? Dr. Greenwood?" A pair of voices echoed softly from the hallway, as I moved further into the house. "Dr. Greenwood?" I called out again. A door that I had never seen opened and shut quickly allowing Chloe's father out. He turned to me, his smile disappearing when he noticed Chloe was not with me. His face said it all. Where is she? I hurriedly explained the situation and where she was. 

"James!" Greenwood called out. My foster father stepped from the room, shutting it behind him. "We're going to the hospital, Chloe's there with a kid." The two Doctors pushed past me, like I didn't exist. The house fell uneasily silent without their presence. Slowly, I made my way to my room, the walls still covered with the mural of the unknown city. Unzipping my bag, I pulled out a bottle of Vodka and poured a glass. My hand trembled lightly when I picked up the glass. 

A sudden flash of images, washed over my eyes. Burning, it was all burning. People, buildings, old cars. Everyone was running, screaming as sirens wailed and turbine engines snarled. The night sky red with embers. I was a soldier. I rushed through the streets, trying to direct the fleeing groups as I pushed onward. A noise reached my ear in time for me to watch a large black silhouette crash into a building and detonate. Fire, metal, and rubble smashed into the me, creating a quick wave of darkness. Then came the voices, all them hushed and  indistinguishable until one man spoke.

"They must never know, their past...It could destroy whatever hope they have for a future." The odd flash of images and sound faded, allowing me back to the real world, a cold sweat dripping from my brow. I knew that voice, it was James! Wincing, I felt a sharp pain in my hand. I had broken the glass filled with alcohol, shards of glass were dug into my hand. I watched in pain while blood dripped from my hand. What does it all mean?! And what does James have to do with it?

The End

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