Acting Rashly.

I was walking down the street, I'd just finsihed my weekly oil shop. 'Cause sometimes my metal parts get a bit rusy.

There was screaming. I looked to my left, down a ally-way, to see a small cyber-cafe with smoke billowing out of the windows.

I gasped and took off at top speed to have a look to see if I could help at all. My phone was already out of my pocket as I dialed the android clean-up service number.

It seemed that there was a out-of-order android that was wreking havoc upon the public. I squinted to see inside and spotted a girl from my school who was trapped underneath the crazy-cooking-robot.

I looked around frantically and grabbed a nearby trash can and lobbed it through the window. The glass only cracked to I had to throw it a few more times.

Finally the window smashed through and floods of people scrambled out.

I pushed through them and went inside. There was a young man stood near her, I could tell that both of them were older than me and they still couldn't do anything.

But surely they, normal humans, didn't have the metallic advantage I had. If my left side got attcked, it'd only be dented and wouldn't hurt. I nodded to myself.

'No, what the hell are you doing kid?!' The man yelled, a terrified expression crossed his face and he tried to block me.

I ran full pelt into the android, knocking it over with my left side. The girl got up and stumbled away, she hit the other dude as if to tell him to do the same as her. She picked up a table and whacked the android over the head, the man did the same. Narrowly missing myself.

Soon, all that was left of the deadly thing was a messed up head and dented body. They had broken it, and it had finally admitted defeat.

'Who the heck are you and why did you do that?!'The man shouted.

'Um. Sorry. I just. . .um, acted instinctively. Sorry, I guess.'I mumbled, bowing my head. I suddenly realised it was really hot, I looked over my shoulder and saw fire. My eyes widened and I screamed. I was told boys aren't supposed to scream.

But the only time I will ever scream is when fire is involved. For some reason, I hate it. I hate it. It's my biggest fear.

And before I could waste all of my breath on my pitiful wails, a felt woozy and I must have passed out because all I could remeber was peaceful darkness.


The End

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