"So you are asking me out?" I couldn't hide the teasing grin that had formed in my face as I saw Jon shuffling in his feet in the hallway. I came out of my room and closed the door behind me.

"No... James thought you'll be hungry," he said defensively.

I giggled and nudged him, "I'm kidding. Sure, let's go. To be honest I'm starving, I know the perfect place for you to have your first meal here in Gendarnium." I beckoned him to follow me. I concluded, if he was going to live here I might as well get acquainted with him. We walked down the staircase and bid good bye to the doctors. The house was located atop a hill overlooking the city, a block away there was a bus stop.

"Why don't we just use the mag-lift?" Jon asked as he was scanning the houses of the neighbourhood.

"Just thought you might like the scenery," we stepped inside the long, white bus. I insert some coins in the machine and the android bows his head. The ride lasted for a quarter of an hour before dropping us in the commercial area of the city of Gendarnium. The city was unlike the suburban areas, the streets were bordered by tall, glass-paneled building, and many of them had jutting balconies. The streets were clean, a main factor of it being the hydrogen propelled vehicles. In the distance there could be seen entire buildings floating in the air, suspended by magnetic forces. A complex network of railways using maglev technology flanked the border of the city and stretched across the skies.

Jon looked above him; his lips were parted a bit. The streets were walked by humans and androids alike. The role the android played in this society was that of aiding humans in their everyday development, soon enough they became part of their lives.  

“Quite amazing, eh?” I peered at Jon’s face, “come on, the restaurant is over here.” Both of us walk over a two-story building, the glass doors were automatically slide open to allow us in. Inside the restaurant, we searched for an empty table, our menus were brought immediately. The menu was a touch-screen piece of paper, after we chose our food, we talked quietly.

“Where do you go to school?” Jon asked.

“Over there, in the maglev district. My school soars to the sky when the school bell rings,” I pointed toward the levitating buildings. “As a matter of fact, I ran late today and had to jump my way up to the structure.”

Jon arched his eyebrows, “you jump high enough?”

I leaned across the table and whispered, “I am not human.” Jon gave me a puzzled look, I grinned and he relaxed. “Well, I don’t feel like I’m human,” I continued, our drinks were brought to our table.

“I know that feeling,” he said in a soft voice. “Like, you don’t belong with the humans...”

“Nor with the androids?” I finished his sentence. I bobbed my head as I was sipping my orange juice.

Just then, glass shattered throughout the restaurant. Fire erupted from the kitchen and the cook was thrust in the air, landing on his back near our table. Confusion and terror reigned as people and androids were getting up from their table. Instinctively the androids positioned themselves in front of the humans to battle the threat before them.

“What’s going on?” Jon asked, getting to his feet and facing the fiery kitchen. I scrambled to my feet and stood beside him. From the fire an android emerged, his synthetic skin was peeling off from his robotic head, he was gritting his teeth, sparks flying out of his body. The lights burst and the energy was out.

The android then lifted a nearby table and thrust it to his right, smashing it to the paneled windows. Something was seriously wrong with the android for he didn’t listen to the orders from the chef to stop.

“We have to get them out of here!” I whispered to Jon, who nodded. Both of us made our way to the sliding doors, he pressed his body against them and tried pull them open.

“It won’t open,” Jon tried again. A cataclysmic noise sounded above us, shards of glass falling on our heads. We turned and saw the android approaching us, uttering indistinctive sounds. People were hiding under their tables, frantically speaking and dialing in their cell phones. The android stepped close to us, Jon stood in front of me, shielding me from the android.

A small child wailed as he cut his knees with a glass, her mother tried desperately to calm the howling child. The android shifted his path from us to the child.

"He's going to get the child," I whispered in dread, without much thought I ran to the android and lunged my body on his back. My arms closed around him in a dead lock, the android reached behind him and pulled me away from him. I hit the ground but didn't feel pain at all, his shadow was closing in on me.

The End

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