Pointless Life.

As I walked through the door, I dumped my bad on the nearest shelf.

Another day had gone by. If Chris wasn't with me everyday, smiling, I would probably give up on this endless succession of pointless days. Could I make my point on how boring my life is any clearer?

I mean, what is the point of living on when the world doesn't need you. I looked up, and saw my mother staring at me with a worried expression.

'Is anything the matter, Yuuki?'She simpered. Her blue eyes fixed upon my face.

'Nothin'.'I mumbled, 'just thinking and stuff.'

'Well, don't think too hard or your brains'll melt.' She giggled. She has always said this; ever since I can remember.

I came back downstairs after getting changed to find my parents bickering.

'Flora! It's not possible.'

'But he's looking so far away these days, what if he's remebering!'

'Um. . . can I grab a snack?' I muttered from the doorway. I shifted awkwardly, my parents never fight. I don't want to sound spoilt or snotty, but my family is ridiculously perfect.

'Yes, dearie. I got some crisps this morning, help yourself.' Mum smiled. I squinted at her and shrugged.

I thought back to their fight.. . I wonder what I'm not supposed to remember...?


The End

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