Haunting Memories

Jon Leta

I followed Chloe down a long hallway. She was four inches shorter and four years younger. Wonder what she likes...books, music, those new age techno bands? I shook my head of the thoughts. Chloe seemed more like a secluded person, that suited me fine, I really despised loud obnoxious types. Finally we reached the last door on the left. She turned meeting my eyes with deep ocean blue pearls. They seemed to sparkle behind her dirty blonde hair. Blushing she opened the door, allowing me in first. I gave her a small smile and stepped into the room. I had never had any friends for as long as I could remember, now I was to spend time with Chloe. It felt as thought she had a mysterious air of familiarity about her. But that was weird, how would I know her when we just met?

"You can stay in this room Jon, there is a personalization sensor over on the far wall. It will change the wallpaper and lighting to your preferences." I moved through the room over to the sensor. There was a small cherry wood desk and chair along with a bed but otherwise nothing else. The scanner flickered as I neared it, creating a small icon on the screen. Lightly I pressed it. The room's walls blinked with light then faded into a picturesque scene. Along the walls was almost an exact picture of a place I had seen before, the city in my nightmare! But in the picture there was no fires, no screaming children, no acrid death filling the streets. The city was at a peaceful calm. The lights also shifted to mirror realistic sunlight, I closed my eyes feeling the artificial heat. When I opened my eyes, I looked back to the walls.

"It's so familiar," I whispered to myself. Chloe looked at me. I shook my head. "Sorry, just thinking to myself."

"That's alright. If you need anything, I assume you can find your way back, right?"

"Yeah," I replied setting my bag down next to the bed, then dropping my gaze to the floor. "Chloe, tell James I'll be down stairs in a minute."  

"Ok, see you Jon." As I listened to her soft footsteps drift away I laid back on my bed. Interaction with people really wasn't a strong suit of mine. I'm not one to really get out much. I just stick to reading, writing, and Parkour. I sighed remembering all the amazing places I had scaled to, it was a lovely way to see the city without having to push through throngs of people. It was about 5 minutes before I stood and took one last look at the room. Why was this so important? It would have to wait as I shut the lights out and headed down stairs. My stomach rumbled as I stepped into the living room. Doctor Greenwood was laughing and chatting with my father. Not wanting to interrupt, I leaned against the entrances wall. Watching the two doctors talk I could tell the two had know each other for years. Finally Dr. Greenwod noticed me and grinned.

"Ah, Jon, come in. Come in. Your father and I were just talking about you." I shuddered internally. I wasn't sure if that was a good or bad thing. 

"That's alright, Dr. Greenwood. I was actually headed out to get some food." Before I could protest James jumped in. 

"Take, Chloe with you! She's probably hungry, too." I couldn't say anything back, instead I just nodded. Turning away from the doctors, I went to go find Chloe.

"I bet she'll be as psyched as I am." I sighed sarcastically, out of ear shot from the two men. 


The End

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