A guest


I stepped out of the Mag-lift and walked up the steps to the front door, I pressed my index finger on the scan, and I heard a click! on the other side. I pushed open the metallic door, which had an illusion of wood, and stepped inside the blindingly white living room. My foster father, Charles Greenwood, believes that white is the embodiment of all the colours in the visible light spectrum, which was partially true; you never knew which colour might appear in the bone-white walls. Being a robotic engineer was a difficult and busy job, which kept him away from sunrise till after midnight.

As I made my way toward the spiraling staircase in the middle of the room, I heard laughter coming from the kitchen, quite an oddity considering Dr. Greenwood was currently involved in the greatest android outbreak the populace of Gendarnium had ever lived to witness. I walked toward the kitchen and poked my head inside.

Charles was just opening a bottle of his finest wine and then poured some in the glass of a young man unknown to me. He had shaved black hair and eccentric crimson-colour eyes. Our eyes met but he quickly deviate his gaze back to his glass, blush rising to his cheek.

"This has to be your daughter!" a man beside Charles exclaimed, rising to his feet and walking toward me, his hand outstretched. "I am Dr. James, nice to meet you. He is my son, Jonathan."

I was confounded by the information of him being his son, they look so very different. But who was I to judge when I was unlike Charles too. "I am Chloe," I replied, remembering my manners and flashed him a smile.

"Dr. James is here to aid me in the development of our latest experimental android," Charles opened the fridge and took out a can of soda, he walked to me.

I took the soda reluctantly; I didn't feel like having some company right now, all I wanted to do was enter the seclusion my room provided. With the soda at hand I sat across Jonathan, whose presence made me feel uneasy. I shifted on my seat a couples of times, trying to strike up conversation between us.

"So, Jonathan, how do you like Gendarnium so far?" I asked, giving him a cool smile.

"Can't complain," he shrugged, sipping some of his wine.

I cringed inside, okay, so he wasn't the sociable type. I sensed something of displeasure in his face, like he had just waked up from a terrible nightmare. Our attention was then drifted to the conversation going on between the two scientists.

"The CEO for Randell Incorporated has asked for an interview tomorrow, he is willing to sponsor us if we come up with a model and the blueprints for it. If he agrees to it, then we will set up a presentation introducing our newest idea," Charles grinned with satisfaction, he had been working on the planning of this project for months. That was the exact reason why we moved to Gendarnium, he thought his projects might revolutionize the android world and its function in our society.

"That's great news!" James patted Charles on the back, "thanks for including me on this great project.”

"What's this new project about?" Jonathan chimed in.

"Well, Jon," Charles set his glass on the counter, "we cannot tell much, not even to our own children, but we can tell you it’s a great advance in robotic technology. Androids have served a great role in our community, we have insured peace this far between the androids and the humans."

"It has also raised some clashes, especially between us and the conspiracy theorists," James crossed his arms, "but they've always been a crazy crowd."

"Are they dangerous?" I asked in an innocent, childish voice.

"Not at all, they are just talkers," Charles said. "Well, welcome to our home anyways." Charles spread his arms in a patronizing way.

"Wait, what?" I asked in a sort of rude voice as those words registered in my head with difficulty.

"I invited Dr. James and Jon to stay over with us whilst working on this project," Charles said with a surprise in his voice. "Objections?"

"None at all," I find myself saying, "just was awkward and sudden..."

"Right, I forgot to mention it," Charles said, "mind showing Jon the way toward the guest room?"

"None at all," I repeated again, slipping off the stool and beckoning Jon to follow me. Jonathan followed me out of the kitchen and up the staircase. Behind me I heard laughter and talking, and a phrase that caught my ear, "They will make great friends, after all they have many things in common."

I wondered what we had in common, maybe silence?

The End

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