September 2110

Chloe Greenwood

I walked the high school hallways, dreading every moment as I made my way toward the principal's office. The sun was shining brightly above my head as I walked down the hall. Today I came late to school, once again.

Our school closed it gates at eight o'clock sharp, its massive structure sat on a platform that would then levitate in the air using Magnetic Levitation. It is then supported and suspended in the air by use of a large number of magnetic fields, keeping it some feet above the ground. The magnetic pressure counteracts the effects of the gravitation and any other accelerations. 

The school was beginning to levitate when I turned the corner toward the barren terrain it was located on. I ran as fast as I could to be able to jump inside the structure before reaching a considerable height. When it was well above 12 feet I dash to a tree and jumped up, my powerful legs propelling me up. At the top branches of the tree I lunged my body to the platform and caught the edge with my left hand. I then pushed myself up and somersaulted inside the gates. The android that was cleaning the windows had saw me crept inside and reported me.

I always had these physical abilities, ever since I could remember. My foster father always told me I was very athletic and I ate all my vegetables, but I knew better. There was something else in me, but I could not place it.

I knocked on the principal's office door, and waited for it to open. I stood there, tucking my shirt inside my skirt, uniform regulation. I brushed some leafs and dust off my hair and used my fingers to combed it.

The door opened, revealing a secretary gynoid, it had its black hair pulled back into a hair bun, those icy blue eyes stared at me. "Come in, miss Greenwood," she said in a soft human voice, "Principal Gershaw is waiting for you."

"Thank you, miss Paleta," I muttered as I entered the well-known waiting room. Ever since the school year started I had been stuck here every single day. I moved to the city of Gendarnium two months ago with my foster father, who was a robotic engineer. Gendarnium was the leading capital of robotics in the world, everything highly technological occurred here and was then shipped to the rest of the world. Gendarnium was a place where androids and human's life were mingled together and coexisted.

Although I was human --or that was what I've been told-- I can never help but wonder or feel repressed when I am with them, that was the same feeling when I was among android's company. I voiced these feelings to my foster father who quickly dismissed them.

My strange abilities always surprised me, I've never been athletic nor much of a gymnast. The principal received me and scolded me for impunctuality. Then he dismissed me to my class. 

I still wonder about my past, straining my mind, trying to remember ever having those memories that seem to play mechanically in my mind.

The End

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