Human Cyborgs

Choose a side, human or android?

The Human Cyborgs

They thought they were normal people living in this world they called Home.

December 1939. Three months after the beginning of World War II, a group of scientists took half-living human corpses from the aftermath of a battle in Europe and experimented with them. These scientists were pacifist, they wanted to stop the war at all cost, therefore they set forth an attempt to modified the human organism. They wanted to create a cybernetic organism capable of enhancing biological capabilities. War machines.

October 1945. The scientist's resources were limited and the time was short. They only transformed a certain amount of people into these half-robots machines. The completion of the experiment was too late, the war had ended, their dreams were shattered. In their underground lab, they placed the human cyborgs --appear human externally while being synthetic internally-- in a cryogenic process, conserving their Human side from aging. They were in the hopes that one day mankind would use these cyborgs wisely.

June 2110. The underground lab was discovered by explorers and their androids, henceforth they unearth the cyborgs. They took them to their lab facility, revived them, and reprogrammed their minds into this new century. Each scientist took a cyborg under their care and provided for their new lives.

October 2110. Asteroid Haxum crossed the Earth atmosphere, causing geomagnetic reversal. This event affected all the machines, including the cyborgs--their synthetic parts. Slowly and through the human subconscious mind --dreams-- they start to remember whom they were back in 1939.

They thought they were a special kind, with capabilities surpassing those of human beings, almost androids but not totally. Their world was built upon Lies. These are their stories.

The End

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