Kylie Night:


I hesitated once I stood right in front of Gracie's doorway. I was never used to gossip, usually everyone liked me fine, so nothing nasty had ever happened to me. Now here I stand with Carson by my side, trying to deiced if I made the right decision to coming to this shin-dig. I clutched onto his hand tightly, feeling the first dribble of fear rise up to my throat. I felt a gentle tug and I looked up to see Carson gazing down at me.

“Hey,” He said softly, so the nearby teens wouldn't be able to eavesdrop on us. I nod once, staying dead silent as he continues.

“I promise nothing will happen. Everyone's only here for Gracie's birthday party, not to attack you with questions and such. I'll be here, remember? They won't do anything.” He leaned down and kissed the tip of my nose. I smiled slightly as a sudden roar of confidence fought away the fear. I squeezed Carson's hand once more before turning the metal nob and and walking in.

The muffled music became clarity to me as it slammed me right in the face. Kids stood everywhere, having silly conversations about small talk and gossip. Everything was the same as if it was nothing but another party. I took a deep breath and continued walking through the crowd.

Carson kept close by, never letting go of my hand. We gradually made it to a couch; I've noticed we've been sitting a lot during party's now. I placed my head against his shoulder as he took me in his arms. Everything was fine.

Until a group of sophomores passed by us, whispering and giggling. Obviously making up crap about me and Carson. I scoffed, trying to stand up but Carson held me back.

“Don't.” He warned in my ear before kissing my neck softly. I sighed and went back to relaxing. Those kids could talk about me all they wanted too, it's all made up crap that will eventually die down. They can be as nasty and mean to me and I won't even care.

Because I will have Carson to protect me from the pain and fear.

The End

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