Carson Brice:


I held Kylie in my arms, feeling her heart beat pound under my hand. I smiled, placing my head against her soft blond hair.

Are you sure you want to go, Kylie?” I asked gently as I heard her sigh softly. She gripped at my hand, bringing her tender lips to my palm. She muttered against my skin, “ I have to go or the gossip will get worst.”

I clenched my jaw. It's only been a day yet it seems like everyone in town knows about us. Kylie has been getting constant IM's and text's from her so-called-friends, asking her if the rumors were true. I've tried my best not to freak but it's hard not too. She's been pretty upset all day and I hate seeing her like this. All I want is for her to be happy and loved.

I kiss her head, smiling down at her. “You're such a brave, wonderful girl, Kylie Night. Do you know that?” She blushed a pretty pink, staring down at our tangled up hands. I trace circles into her hand with my thumb as she giggles the tiniest bit.

Thanks, but I'm not that great. Remember, I'm the slutty girl who got pregnant.” She mumbled as I glared at her. She looked up at me through her eyelashes, smiling at my anger.

Don't. Ever. Call yourself that.” I muttered as I quickly catch her into a kiss. After a few minutes of kissing she leans away, smiling slightly.

Sorry Carson. You're right, I shouldn't be so hard on myself.” She sighs, and starts to slide out of my embrace. I hold onto her tighter.

Now where are you going Missy.” I tease as I nibble at her ear. She laughs, struggling against my strong arms.  

We're going to the party.” She tries to muster up a demanding face but it only makes her more cute.

I sigh, knowing she won't give up until I give in. I help her up, still holding onto her hand. We are almost out of the basement before she tugs at my arm, making me stop.

You promise you won't leave my side tonight?” She asks quietly. I search her pale green eyes, noticing the hopelessness fill her eyes as the first spark of worry fills up in her. Her face is filled with hope and anticipation as she waits for my answer. I stay silent for a few more minutes before whispering, “ I promise.”

The End

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