Happy Birthday


Gracie Andrews:


The music was already blasting the latest beats. Snacks were laid out on tables ready for my classmates. I was fully dressed in my indigo bubble dress, with my hair perfectly curled and my make up caked lightly over my fair skin. I smiled brightly as I heard the door bell ring as the first group of quest came pouring. I got a feeling that tonight was going to be great.

* * * * * * * * * *

The entire house was filled with teens, gracefully swaying to the music as they drank cheap beer and bubbling soda pop. I am running back and forth, talking quickly with acquaintances and with people I hardly even know. I haven't seen Carson, Kylie or Jayden so far, which would be the cause for my forced smile and wandering eyes. Suddenly I hear another knock on my door and I groan lowly as I turn on my heel and head back to the door. I roll my eyes and fling open the door only to face a group of varsity jocks.

“Um, hi?” I asked, trying to find a recognizable face. I don't know any of them.

“Hey, is this Grace's birthday party?” A cute guy asks as he tries to look over my head. I laugh with no humor, nodding my head for an acknowledgment.

“It's Gracie, and yeah it's the place.” I step back and watch them walk past me. One boy lingers for a bit as he steps past me, checking me out and smiling. I did remember him from my English class, but we never really talked. Let alone even gazed at them. He met my gaze and beams.

“Hey, I'm Finn Riley.” He sticks out his hand for me to shake. I uncertainly take hold of his hand, feeling the warmth of his greeting fill me up. I continue to grip his soft hand as I mumble out an awkward, “ Gracie.” He holds onto my hand a second to long before letting go.

I can guess that your the birthday girl?” He chuckles as I blush slightly. I nod, smiling at his laughing face.

Well, happy birthday. I'm sorry that I didn't get you a present.” He joked easily as we walked slowly over to the living room where apparently everyone was dancing. I waved it away, feeling the excitement run through my veins. The rhythmic beat stayed in union with my heart. “ Could I get a dance to make it up for it?” He grabs my hand and stops me from walking. I smile, not meeting his eyes as a dark blush rushes to my face. He brings me closer to him just so he was close enough to put his arm fully around my waist. I clutched at his hand and gently placed my left hand on his shoulder. As if it was planned, a slow song came on. The singers voice lifted me up inside, filling me with their soft voice as they sang about love. A guitar came on, slowly plunking along with the singers vocals. Ever so often, I would glance over at Finn and he'd usually be staring at me, which only made the blush worst. Could I really be getting over my crush with Jayden?

Out of nowhere, I feel a sharp tap on my shoulder just as the third song came on. I turn over only to meet Jayden's eyes. I nearly jump at his amused face.

H-hi Jayden.” I stutter as I slip out of Finn's grip. Jayden glanced back and forth from Finn's face to mine but relaxed after a silent moment.

Hey Gracie, happy birthday.” He quickly leans in and pecks both of my cheeks softly. It feels like my heart may explode from want. Nope, you still like him. A small voice replied to my recent question. As Jayden kissed me, I could feel Finn's gaze bore into me. It made me feel uncomfortable, as they stood next to each other awkwardly.

Hey, Gracie can I talk to you for a moment, I wan to give you something.” Jayden mumbles to me quietly. I nod and wave goodbye to Finn as Jayden takes my hand and drags me upstairs.


The End

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