Lukas Samuels:


I jingle my keys as I walk calmly up Violet's walkway. I don't really care if Violet's mum is a greedy old hag, all I want is to see Violet and that's it.

I take a deep breath and am about to knock on the door when it suddenly flings open and reveals her mum.

“Um, good afternoon Mrs. Lynn. Is Violet here? We had plans.” I mumble quietly as I awkwardly stand on their porch with my hands in my pockets.

Violet's mum quickly looks me up and down, sneering at my person as if I were nothing but mere garbage. I feel the urge to yell at her, “Hey, I have a face you know!”, But all I know is that will lead to nothing but trouble.

Finally, Mrs. Lynn meets my eyes. Her irises are the same color of brown as Violets, however they don't have the same sparkle to them.

“Didn't that little imbecile tell you?” She calked as she stared at my confused face. I shook my head, hesitantly take a step forward. She glances down at my foot and I retreat back down to the stairs. She smiles again.

“Where's Violet?” I ask anxiously, waiting for her to stop mocking me. It's like hell before she finally mutters one word.


I am now left there, staring into the wood of their front door.


* * * * * * * * * *


It's been hours. I have looked everywhere for her in this small town, but it is as if Violet has vanished off the face of the planet. It's getting late; the sky has turned to a gray blue, a few stars speckled across the fallen night sky. Street lights are now lite, casting shadows off to the walls of many buildings. I'm the only car left on the street.

My fingers tap annoyingly on the arm rest as I look left and right for anyone walking by. Is anyone even in this area during the night?

I pass by the park, only to catch a shadow of a person walking towards the playground. My breath gets caught in my throat as I recongize the straight black hair cascading down the person's face. I remember the jacket and back pack they have on their back.

Ever so slowly turn the steering wheel as I keep my eyes glued straight on the girl.

The End

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