Twenty Questions


Kylie Night:


Me and Carson are hanging at the beach, staring out into the crashing waves as cool rain drizzles onto our faces. His thumb traces lines into my hand as I lean my head against his shoulder. I know somethings wrong with him; he's usually more talkative.

He has hardly even told me anything about his day. I take a deep breath and mumble, “Carson, is there something wrong? You seem out of it.” I turn over to look at him but he refuses to meet my eyes. He's hiding something, I know he is. I rub his arm as I wait patiently for his reply.

Nothing's wrong. Just tired, I guess.” He sighs. I shake my head, knowing he's lying to me. We know each other well enough to know when one's lying.

I kiss his neck softly as I say into his skin, “You can always tell me later on.” He smiles a little once I meet his eyes again. I smile and run my fingers through his soft brown curls. I gaze into his eyes, noticing a hint of hurt. He doesn't avert his eyes this time, just allows me to investigate the gentle blue

What's wrong?” I ask. He laughs once with no humor, realizing that I've figured out his secret. He looks up and smiles sadly.

I talked to Gracie today.” He goes, staring into our hands. I gasp, remembering how mad she was yesterday.

What happened? Was she mad? Did she cry?” I asked quickly.

 He chuckles quietly and slowly answers, “I just wanted to talk to her in person, tell her that I was really sorry and such. It was fine. She's not mad.”

I smile at this but still notice the depression on his face.

There's another thing.” I whisper after a moment of comforting silence. I now see fear. He looks back down to our hands, blush rushing to his face. I raise an eyebrow curiously. I think through all the causes for his embarrassment when I remember a specific detail he said yesterday.

I like both of you...”

My eyes become wide when he nervously glances up at me. “You don't still like her do you?” I say. He shakes his head rapidly, repeating over an over again a straight no. I quickly grab his face, clutching onto his cheeks. I don't say anything, I don't look for anything. I just stare at him, waiting.

You don't still like her?” I repeat. He sighs and brings his fist to the temples of his head. He groans and suddenly jumps up.

I have no idea if I do or not. It was very emotional when I was saying goodbye to her. To our relationship I mean! I just saw how sad and betrayed she looked and I couldn't help but feel the guilt run through me.” he babbles on.

 I sit crossed legged on the cool sand, eyes brows raised in surprise. His face turns sly as he bends down and grabs my face between his hands. He slowly leans in and presses his lips against mine. He's soft lips are gentle and tender. The kiss is passionately slow and extremely good.

 After a couple of minutes, he retreats his lips and breaths, “ I don't like her. I like you.” I'm the one who is now blushing. I lean in and kiss him back quickly.

Sorry for the twenty questions before. I just don't want to loose you like she lost you.” I mumble. He shakes his head just before hugging me.

I will always be here for you.” He whispers into my ear.


The End

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