Saying Goodbye


Carson Brice:


Gracie's warm breath tickled my neck as I stroked her soft hair. I breathed in her naturally sweet scent, smiling at how comfortable I felt at the moment. We were so close, I could slightly feel her heart beat racing against mine. I buried my face into her, fighting off tears that suddenly wanted to come. I didn't want to say good bye. Not yet. Not now. Out of nowhere, I heard a loud sigh and someone clearing their throat. I glanced over to see who it was.

It was Jayden. He had a pained expression written on his face, his bangs felled in front of his hazel eyes as he looked down embarrassed. I quickly unwrapped my arms around Gracie and took a step back, feeling the warmth run to my face. Gracie almost gasps when she meets Jayden's eyes.

“I was just wondering if you wanted to go get something to drink.” He mumbles softly, staring earnestly into her eyes. He had changed his expression from depressed to blank. She nodded, biting her lip.

“I was just saying goodbye to Carson.” She said, turning on her heel to stare at me. I nodded once and waited for her to say something. Silence filled the hallways again, even with Jayden standing right in the middle.

“So, again I'm terribly sorry Gracie.” I whispered quickly, taking a step closer again. She nodded and smiled sadly.

“It's okay Carson. You don't have to keep apologizing. I forgive you.” She wiped the tear that had fell unknowingly down my cheek. I mouthed thanks and looked down again.

I grabbed a card that had my name on it. It laid on the floor just beside my left foot. I smiled again and waved them away. She waved back and walked over to Jayden who stood there, hands in his pockets, bangs in his face. I stared at them as he wrapped an arm around her shoulders and they walked away. Jayden looked back, curiosity screaming off his face. I said nothing back.

I stayed in the hall for god knows how long. I just gazed after Gracie and Jayden leaving the school. Together. For some reason that troubled me the most. And Gracie and I didn't finish our proper “Goodbye's”. It was unfair.

As I listened to my amplified breaths echo off the walls, I slowly took the small steps towards the exit.


The End

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