Gracie Andrews:


Finally the bell rang and I left the class room. I hate mathematics, I'm just terrible at it. I ran out into the crowded hallway. I unzipped my back pack while racing towards my locker. I pulled out my invitations for my party and smiled boldly. I started walking through the hallway, handing out the cards to my friends. Well, some of them weren't really my friends. They were my class mates. I was inviting my entire grade over to my house. The school wasn't that big so my mom probably won't freak.

Kids smiled their thanks and I trailed down the corridor until I made it to the stairs. I only had two cards left. Carson and Kylie. I looked around, trying to find either one of them. I felt a sharp tap on my shoulder and I turned around to a worried looking Carson.

Hey.” He mumbled. I nodded and fiddled with the cards. We used to be comfortable with each other, watching movies, going to party's and such. And now awkward silence filled the air around us. I glanced up at him; he was busy staring out the window.

So, what's up?” I asked, taking him away from his mind babble. He blinked for a moment or two and shrugged. “Nothing, just wanted to talk to you.” Nothing happened again.

About what?” I finally said, breaking the silence. He jumped a little and took a deep breath.

Well, first off I would like to apologize for not telling you about Kylie and me. I feel like a total ass from you finding out that way. You don't deserve that Gracie. And I'm really sorry.” He pleaded. Honesty rang through those words, sadness filled his eyes. He looked desperate, truly upset about my own feelings. Blush filled my face as I nodded and waited for him to continue.

I don't know if you have heard this already, but... Kylie's pregnant.” I shook my head and stared into his eyes. I always thought he was the type of guy would of waited before having sex. Guess I was wrong.

Well I'm happy for you two.” I finally said. He still looked upset about something. I waited for a couple of minutes until he said, “ And what I said yesterday...I actually meant it. I do still like you Gracie. A lot.”

He bit his lip and waited for my reply. My heart was beating quiet loudly as he said this, I felt the urge to jump on him, to hug him, kiss him... show him that I was still a loyal girlfriend. But I held myself still, clutching at the invitations tightly. I couldn't, he was with Kylie now! They were going to be a family, I can't get myself between that.

I don't know what to say...” I whispered. Silence was still heard through out the hallway. Suddenly, he quickly grabbed my arm and pulled me into a smothering hug. He hugged me so tight, but it wasn't tight enough! I hugged him back, blinking away some tears. He kissed my forehead, my cheeks and my nose.

I'm so sorry.” He whimpered. I didn't say anything. I just leaned my head against his shoulder, listening to his every breath. And even though I didn't let myself accepted it, somewhere in my head a tiny voice was telling me that I still liked him. And it was true. So true.

The End

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