Violet Lynn:

Am walking down my street, spinning my purple umbrella while smiling as it starts to drizzle. Everyone at school is complaining about the weather, but not me. I love the rain! Rare storms and cold temperatures. It brings everything alive; making everything renewed. The earthy aroma fills me up as I skip nearer to my house. But my smile is instantly gone.

Sitting on the porch sits my mom, looking more pissed off then ever before. What have I done this time? She taps her foot impatiently as I slow down my pace. If she wants to hit me, she'll just have to wait.

"Hurry up you little ass!" Mom suddenly screamed at me. I glance over at the some nearby neighbors. Their giving me a pitiful look and I blush slightly. I fold up my umbrella and run up to the porch. My mom pushes me roughly inside, swearing under her breath. I trip over my own feet and fall head first to the floor.

"Get up you ungrateful little b****!" She grabs my arm and pulls me up with a tight grip. I ignore the tears and try my best not to yell out in pain. She sits me down on the stairs, throwing my umbrella to the floor. It bends and breaks, but mom does nothing but glare at me.

She is instantly at one of her unnecessary and rude lectures on how I ruined her life. I try to block her out; thinking over what happened today. It makes me smile, but mom notices my happiness and decides I'm better off depressed. She slaps both of my cheeks more then once, cursing loudly. I wince out of pain and try to get away, but she trips me to the ground. I manage to stop my fall but then she kicks me hard in the ribs. I'm left gasping for air while she screeches louder then ever, swearing and blaming. I allow a few tears to escape, they fall slowly down my flushed cheeks, cold and unwelcoming. I look up and meet mom's eyes. She's practically giddy that I'm suffering. I would tell her to shove it up her ass but I can't. I just can't. All I can do is sit here and take the pain.

She kicks my throat and I gasp. I start coughing like crazy. It hurts so much. I clutch my throat, struggling to breath, but it's hard. My vision becomes blurry and now she's just a image, laughing and moving across my eyes. It's becoming harder to hear her, I shake my head.

“Leave me alone!” I gurgle. I cough a couple of times, but she doesn't listen to me. She grabs my hair and pulls me up.

“Stop talking you ass munch!” She throws me back to the floor. I'm hopeless. Nobody's coming. I shouldn't expect a knight in shining armor to come rushing to my side, destroying the evil wench and saving the fair maiden. I'm nothing but a dismal in distress.

Then something hits me. Here I was, crippled with fear by the woman I've taken crap from ever since I was nothing but a kid! Why do I always have to get hurt? Why don't I just stand up to myself? There's nothing to fear from her, she just seems big and scary because I let her. I take a deep breath and stand up.

I finally dodge out of the way before she kicks my head. She aims again and I run.

“Stop it!” I try to scream but my throat is still sore. It comes out all rough and jumbled up. But she hears me and starts throwing punches at me even faster.

“Don't tell me what to do! Your the child, I'm the adult!” She tries to kick me but I quickly grab her foot and make her fall to the ground. She stares up at me, fear and rage burning with intensity.

“I am sick and tired of this.” I go while shaking my head. “I'm leaving.”

And with that, I open the door and run out into the rain, leaving her staring after me. I don't know where to go or what to do. I just know that I am never setting my foot back into that dreaded place ever again.


The End

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