Messed Up

Carson Brice:

"Oh my god! I cannot believe she found out!" I cried over to Kylie. She sat still on the floor, attempting to fix her hair before anyone else questions it. I pace back and forth with the little amount of space we have in the closet and try to think this through.

"How did she find out anyway?" Kylie inquired by standing up.

"Maybe from those kids that caught us. Damn't!"

I continue to mumble nonsense as I walk back and forth, back and forth. Kylie suddenly holds out her arm, annoyance glued to her face. I give her an apologetic smile but then slide down to the floor.

"I... I just didn't want her to find out this way." Sadness engulfs my heart as flash backs of what her face looked like came back into my mind. I felt my self welling up. I shook my head and stared up at the ceiling.

"I know. I suppose it wasn't the best way to tell her but at least she knows now." She rubbed my arm as she gazed earnestly into my own eyes. Her milky pale blue irises were filled with honest tears for my cost. I smiled sadly and leaned in to kiss her.

Then the door opened,  revealing a confused Jayden staring at us.


The End

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