Gracie Andrews:

Me and Carson walk silently through the vacant hallway. It's lunch time and he promised to take me out for lunch since we haven't seen each other over the week. He glances over at me and beams. I give him a small smile but then go back to staring at my feet. He clears his throat but doesn't say anything. I think we're losing some of our interest in each other, but I don't want to break up with him! Not yet anyway.

Suddenly Carson gets a text. He looks down quickly and whispers, "Crap!" He then looks up at me and smiles widely. "Be right back babe." He kisses my cheek then runs around the corner. I stay behind, leaning against some lockers, staring blankly at the window in front of me.

Some of my friends pass by and ask me if I want to hang out with them.

"Come on Gracie! We're going to Seven Eleven!" gushed an excited Megan.

"Carson won't even notice." added Tyson. I raise an eyebrow at him.

"How so?" I stand up straight, curiosity fighting it's way to my thoughts. Tyson and Megan look uncomfortable now, glancing back and forth at each other. I cross my arms and ask again. "What is Carson doing?"

Tyson shrugs but Megan gives in easily. "He's making out with Kylie Night!" she exclaims. But after saying that she immediately regrets it. She covers her mouth with her hands, her brown eyes popping out of their sockets. Tyson looks over at her, disappointment smothers his face.

"I thought you weren't going to tell!" he hisses.

"I'm sorry, she looked all mad and I cracked! Please don't hate me!" begged Megan.

"I'm not mad at you, but wait till Carson and Kylie hear about this." Tyson wipes his brow and sighs, looking off into the distance. While all this is happening, I'm staring at Megan with complete shock.

He's cheating on me? He's cheating on me?! I scream in my head.

Out of nowhere, I'm racing down the hall, my books thrown to the ground, leaving Tyson and Megan yelling at me to stop. I make it to the third corridor, my eyes searching for possible hide outs. I notice the janitors closest and I dash to the door.

I lean my ear against the wood, listening for any voices. All I hear are quick whispers being passed back and forth from each other. It's hard to hear from outside the door. Suddenly there is nothing.

That is when I open the door just in time to see Carson and Kylie's lips meet. They don't even notice me. I stare at them, unable to make a sound as their kissing becomes heavier and hotter. Soon enough, I can't take it anymore. Tears run down my cheeks as I sneer, "You're a real jerk Carson Brice."

He jumps at my voice, blinking severely times before actually seeing me. He backs away into some cleaning supplies, eyes wide with fear. Kylie just sits there with heat to her face. Her perfect hair is messed up from Carson's hands, her lipstick smeared.

"Gracie, it's not what it looks like!" Carson takes a step forward and I mirror it by stepping back.

"So you weren't just kissing my best friend's girlfriend?" rage fills up in me as he tries to think of quick comebacks and explanations for why he's doing this.

"I like you both..." is all he can say. Fear and sadness fills his eyes as I continue stepping backwards.

"How could you do this?" my voice quivers. He reaches out to me but he's too late.

I'm already running.

I run past Megan and Tyson. I run past all the class rooms and the lockers. Hot tears continue their way down my cheeks. They fly past me as I push myself to limits I haven't yet discovered before. My heart races as I smash through the double doors and quickly dash down to the parking lot. There, leaning against his car stands Jayden. He's listening to his I-pod, bobbing his head along to the music. He then notices me.

He pulls out the ear plugs, stands up straight and catches me in a hug. Smothing down my wild curls, I cry on his shoulder. Confusion hits me as tears fall down rapidly fast. Why was I crying over someone I don't even like that much? We never hung out or even bothered to talk to each other.

So why was I all upset.

Jayden carefully quiets down my helpless sobs, still holding onto me tightly. "Shush, It's okay. It's okay. I'm here now, nothing's going to happen." He kisses my forehead and resumes petting my hair. My tears stop and the saddness fades away. He still doesn't let go of me.

So, there we are. Standing in the middle of a parking lot, refusing to let go of each other.

The End

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