Confused Feelings


Jayden Wyatt:

I'm still awake, at two in the morning. I'm staring at my ceiling with a blank look in my eyes. My thoughts are all jumbled up, running through my head at full speed. Gracie's in them. So is Kylie.

I place my hands behind my head and sigh heavily. My heart races for both of them. My smiles are for them only. Only with them do I let the real Jayden out into the open. They're my closest friends, and I like them a lot!

But Gracie's my best friend, and I don't want to break the friendship that we already have. It's been going so good lately, I've been seeing her more then I've been seeing Kylie. It's like we're going out.

No, I didn't just say that! But would it be so bad?

I took hold of my pillow and stuffed my face into it. "Shut up, shut up, shut up you retarded boy, shut up!" My screaming was muffled from the pillow. Anger ran through my veins as I sat up and leaned my face into my hands. I groaned loudly.

I needed to fix this. I needed to set out my feelings and figure out who I care for the most. My girlfriend, Kylie or my best friend, Gracie.

And I needed to figure this out soon. Or else I'm going to loose it.

The End

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