Sneaking Out, Getting Caught; Life Sucks To Be A Teenager

Violet Lynn:

After a huge, annoying lecture from my mom I was finally allowed to go to bed. I skipped down the stairs into my cold basement room. In there, I stared at the clock. In bright crimson numbers, the clock flashes 9: 46 PM. I smile as I run over to my closet. In there I grab a jacket, my boots and some mittens. I strained my hearing to see if my mom had gone to bed. Nothing in the kitchen and I didn't hear the television blaring. I smiled and jumped onto my bed. From there I climbed out my small window into the freezing night.

I tip toed my way through the frosted ground and shuffled down the sidewalk. The night air made me shiver slightly. My teeth begun to chatter just as I see an old car come racing down the street. Lukas came out and we embraced. I tried to take in the moment. The way Lukas smelled; like cinnamon and smoke. The way we beamed at each other, the glitter in his eyes. And the excitement building up in my heart as the feeling of sneaking out sink in. I've disobeyed my mother before but this was something new.

I escaped that hell hole all by myself. No Lukas or anything. I simply walked out and into the dark night.

Lukas dragged me into his car and we drove through the sleeping town. Street lights were our guide as we talked quietly. We made it to the beach and we sat on a washed up log.

"Tonight is utterly beautiful!" I exclaimed, gazing up at the rare midnight sky that was filled with sparkling stars and a few gray clouds. The full moon finally glared through the clouds, shinning brightly against the black ocean water.

"You're utterly beautiful." whispered Lukas. I looked over at him and blushed.

"Wow." is all I can say. Lukas grabs my hand and we go walking bare footed through the sand. It's freezing cold but we don't care. Just as long as we have each other.

"Lukas, this has been one of my most memorable nights. I will never forget it. " I leaned in and kissed him quickly on the lips. He smiled and I continued on.

"And the only thing that would make this better would tell you something." I mumbled while looking at our bare feet. He stares at me with confusion as we keep on walking. I take a deep breath.

This is it.

" I-" I begin. But then I trip over my own feet. I fall to the cold sand, landing on my head. Suddenly Lukas falls on top of me, groaning from tripping him as well. I start to laugh and he is more then happy to join in.

"So what was that you were saying?" he asked after our giggles slowed down. Crap. I took another deep breath.

"" but I was cut off by a bright beam from a flash light.

"What the hell are you doing you little ass?!" screeched my mother.

The End

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