Lukas Samuels


“Violet, listen! You've been at my house for two weekends now! You've got to go home some time!” I say for the millionth time while Violet and I sat on the hammock. She refuses to meet my eyes as she mumbles, “But they hate me there. And your mother is such a lovey woman...” I grabbed her chin gently and lifted her up till I could see her brown eyes.

“I'll tell you what, I will accompany you to your house. That way, your mother won't have a chance to scream at you. I'll make sure she doesn't hurt you.” I gazed down and smiled reassuring to her. Violet laughed once with no humor, then craned her neck up to kiss my cheek.

“That is very sweet of you but my moms a tough woman. She'll snap you in half like a twig.” she said while looking at me up and down. My heart thumped violently at this.

“Well, I can't get enough of that.” I mutter as I tear my gaze away from her and up at the late afternoon sky. She continues to laugh and hug me as I stare at the dark clouds moving lazily just as rain started to fall. The tiny drops land on my stone like face as I wait for an a apologize from Violet. However, she keeps on giggling loudly. Bloody hell, she really must love me at all then.

Suddenly, she gets up from the hammock, pulling me upright till I'm sitting on my bum. She sits down on my lap, places her hands on my shoulders and kisses me. I stay still for a few moments, waiting for her to stop but she never does. She keeps kissing me, getting deeper and deeper into it. I give up and kiss her back with as much enthusiasm as she holds. I wrap my arms around her and smile through the kiss. If this is her apologize, maybe I should get mad at her more often.

I suddenly feel a tap on my shoulder. I slowly turn my head away from Violet to face my mum towering over me with a silly grin on her face. We are of course, wet from the rain, flushed from the kiss and down right  embarrassed.

“Sorry to interrupt the heavy snogging going on here but Violet, darling, you mother has called yet again.” she then hold out the phone, swinging it in front of our faces. I glance over nervously at Violet, whose face is bright pink. I re-wrap my arm around her and hide her face against my shoulder.

“Thanks mum, I'll take that and give it to Violet. Now please go away.”I mutter the last sentence. My mum gives me a knowing look and backs away. I glare at her until she winks at me and closes the door. I then start my apology to Violet.

“I am horribly sorry about that. I'll make in some time to talk to her about rudely interrupting our time together.” I scream out to mum. All I hear is her horrid laughter coming from the television room. I roll my eyes and stare earnestly down at Violet. Some of the pink still hasn't left the apples of her cheeks but she waves it away.

“Don't sweat it. She's better then my mother.” she then gets up from my lap and starts dialing her mum's number. I stand up and stretch, watching Violet pace back and forth as she waits for her someone to pick up. I hear an outburst of what I can only imagine is, “What the hell do you want!?”

“Hey mom it's-” she was intersected but an wordless rant of screaming and anger. I stare at Violet with wide eyes as she tries to explain to her mum about her absence, but all her mother really cares about is screaming at Violet. It seems to be around six minutes later that Violet finally says, “Okay mom. Bye.” her voice is soft and trembling, her face looks hopeless and sad.

“What happened?” I asked as tears fell slowly down her checks. I could see the impulse to sob helplessly in her eyes but she swallows it away. She takes a deep, shaky breath and mumbles under her breath quickly, “She told me I was grounded.”

“That's it? Then why are you so sad?”

“Because she said I was grounded off you! How am I going to survive at least a week with her if I can't escape to you?” she looks up at me. I didn't know what to say. All I could think was She must really love me. Over and over again.

Did she really say that?” I asked uncertainly. Violet shook her head.

Her exact words were: If I see you with that bloody boy anytime soon I will have your head and your precious little boyfriend, you hear me!” sneered violet. She did a thick, mean voice for her mothers and if I wasn't mistaken, sounded exactly like her too.

Crap!” I muttered as I kissed the top of her head.

The End

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