Two Weeks Later

Kylie Night:

I felt a spasm of worry as I sat down on the tiled flooring of my bathroom. Waiting. I gazed at nothing and focused my attention on the noise of the rain, falling down in giant drops to the already soaked ground. We haven't had sunshine in this town for about a month now. It's getting pretty annoying. A girl can only take so much rain when she's walking to the mall!

I heard the beeping of the little pink stick. My heart raced at a dangerous rate when I got up and took the small steps toward the sink. I leaned down and started at the screen intently, my wide eyes gaining tears in them. The pink cross was still there, mocking me.

I immediately dialed Carson's number with trembling hands.

“Hello?” says a sleepy Carson.

“Were you still sleeping? It's eleven in the morning!” I laugh and hear him falling out of his bed.

“Well with this crappy weather it's hard to tell the time. It's all grey out side.” We laugh for a moment but then I look back down at the stick. My face turns serious and I take a deep, calm breath.

“It's positive.”

I hear nothing for a long time until ever so softly, Carson barley whispers, “crap!”


“What are you going to do?” Carson asked gently. I shrugged to myself, thinking it over. I’m not for abortion but even I know that I’m neither responsible nor mature enough to take care of this little human.

“I’ll give it some time, think it over and tell my mom. She’ll hook me up with a social worker and I’ll give away the baby once it comes.” I felt the lump in my thoart become bigger. I swallowed it down though along with my true feelings and sighed.

“Can you come over? I’m kind of lonely.” I asked while shuffling over to my bed and sitting down.

“Sure, be there in a sec.”

And then he hung up.

The End

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