A Rainy Night

Gracie Andrews:


Just as I finish applying my makeup I hear the door bell ring. I dash down the stairs, yelling as I run, “I got it! I got it!” I crash into the door, hitting my forehead.

“OW! Am I that blind not to be able to see the door?” I mutter as I smooth down my layered skirt and green ruffled shirt. I open the door, placing a calm expression on my face. There, leaning against the door pane is Jayden. His hazel eyes shine with excitement as we say our hellos. I yell behind me goodbye to my family who is eating dinner at the moment. I close the door and we walk over to his van.

“Are you okay? I heard that crash. It sounded like it hurt.” he looked over my face for scares when he places a hand on my forehead.

“What are you doing?” I asked stupidly. He rolls his eyes and reaches down in his side pocket of his door. He grabs one of his t-shirts and rips it in half. “Jayden!” I gasp. He still doesn't answer my question while he wraps the ripped cloth around my head. He looks down and laughs at my astound face.

“Your forehead has a nasty cut. Thought I'd stop the bleeding before it slips down your face and onto that pretty shirt.” he grins at me then turns his attention to starting his a ancient van. My hand automatically flies to my temple. I feel the liquid seeping through the cloth and I blush. He ruined his shirt for me? That is so sweet!

We drive through the towns lights, silence taking in place. I clear my throat and try to think of a conversation starter. Nothing.

“Wow, never thought I'd see the day when the Gracie Andrews had no words to speak.” laughs Jayden. I smack his arm and we chuckle for a moment or two. Then again with that damn silence. Whoever says silence is quiet, they have no idea. It was louder then anything. Every breath was amplified and heard, every sound was incredible loud.

Am I freaking out or something? Maybe I've gone mental.

We make it too the movie theater only to see complete darkness.

“Stay here.” says a tense Jayden. He unbuckles his seat belt and walks out to the drizzle. I'm left alone to the silence and rain. The pita patter of it pounding on his window calms me down and brings me back to reality. I sit up and stare out side. Though, I can't see anything but shapes moving through the black. Suddenly, I hear a tapping on the window. I jump away and scream at some old man. He's grinning like a loony, laughing at my face. Then he starts pounding on my window. I back away to Jaydens seat, never taking my sight off the man. He yells something at me but a thunder clap engulfs his words. He tries again and it sounds like, “Do you have any money for mes?” He obviously hasn't been fully educated. I shake my head and he gives me a death glare.

“Yes you do! You lying girly! Give mes the money so i'z have food!” he pounds his filthy fist on the window, harder and harder. He looks frustrated with me. I feel the fear take hold of my heart and mind and body. I'm paralyzed in Jaydens seat. Out of know where, Jayden comes out and tackles the old man. He roughly shoves the man away and yells something at him. The lightning highlights the scene for me. The rain is falling harder and harder to the ground, leaving giant puddles all over the parking lot. Jayden is covered in rain, his hair dripping with water. I get over my terror spell and honk the horn to get his attention. He glances back and looks scared. Why?

I move over to my seat as he slips in to the van. He's shivering from the cold of the autumn's terrible weather. I take my jacket and wrap it around him. It doesn't do anything for him. I watch as his lips turn a weird pulper colour. I start to feel scared for him.

“Oh my god, Jayden. Come here!”my voice quivers as I beckon him to me. He shuffles over and I sit in his lap. He's freezing cold!

I hug him tightly, not even realizing I'm crying. “Want to just go home?” He asks in barely a whisper. I nod and I let go of him. Jayden is still shivering but he turns on the van and we drive away with the tires screeching. I lean against the window, my clothes now soaked through and through, and I watch the storm unfold and erupt to something huge and dangerous. Lightning comes every few seconds and thunder literally shakes the ground beneath us. Jayden steps harder on his gas peddle and we make it to his house in a matter of minutes.


The End

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