Heart Beat

Violet Lynn:

I walk through the halls silently. Time passes by so slowly yet so fast that I’m confused, all I hear is the beating of my heart. The sound flowing through my ears is easy and loud. I have a goofy sad smile pasted on my face while I wait for Lukas.

I feel the warmth of first love fill me up and carry me away to someplace special. Someplace where nothing can harm me. Where I am protected, loved. Totally and completely in bliss. Lukas is everywhere for me. He’s there for me when I need him the most. My knight in shining armor. Or more accurately, my knight in baggy dark jeans and a plain grey shirt. I’ll still take him anyway.

I suddenly see him emerging through the bustlingly crowd. I beam and walk towards him. He squeezes my hand and whispers in my ear,

 “Ready to go?” I nod and we waltz away to the front doors. I clutch his hand as we pass by some pretty girls. He looks down and laughs at my foolishness. I can’t help but gaze into the intricate design that is his eyes. But sadly he looks away quickly and we hurry our way to his car. The weather hasn’t improved and we are instantly wet. We chuckle and skip in the rain for a few minutes. Living in the moment.

We scurry back to the car and drive away from the school. I lean against the chilly window and watch a mixture of different peoples running about, looking for shelter from the rain.

It’s weird. Lukas and I hardly talk during the entire ride home. But we smile a lot. Being the strange and random couple we are, it’s still nice to have fun being ourselves.

We make it to his nice little house in a matter of minutes. I feel the anxious-ness flow up and explode all over my body. I chew on my lip as we walk hand and hand into the front door.

“Hey Mum!” Lukas’ calls out to nothing. I hear a sudden crash and the shuffling of feet. In comes Lukas’ mom, covered in flour and different ingredients.

“Oh, ‘ello there Violet. Staying for supper are we?” she gave me a friendly smile. I return it with a nervous half smile. Her grammar isn’t really that great is it?

“Ah, no Mum. I was just about to ask ‘yea if she can stay over tonight.” I stare down at my feet in embarrassment. I hear nothing until the over enthusiastic voice of his Mom.

“But of course she can! Stay as long as you like, darling. I’m sure we have room for you upstairs.” She gave me a grin and waved us away. I thanked her and Lukas and I went walking up the stairs to his bedroom. We went crashing through his door, closing it not-so-softly and landing on the bed. We did nothing naughty or romantic. We just held each other. Chatting now and then. Other then that the moment was perfect.

My heart was racing so fast I was afraid he might hear it.

The End

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