Lukas Samuels:

I walk down the small stair case with my hair looking wild and my eyes bloodshot from staying up all night wondering about Violet. I was actually starting to fall asleep in the car but once I got home I some how realized that I needed to think this through. The all Violet loving me thing. Which led to nothing but worried thoughts and such.

I walked down to the tiny kitchen, yawning as I made myself some coffee. Mum noticed my sleep deprivation and starting on a useless rant.

“Jesus Mary and Joseph! What is wrong boy? You looked like you’ve been haunted by your great uncle Markus! And believe me; you’re lucky you didn’t have to talk to that dirty arse!”  She had a rumble of laughter as I gave her a weak smile. If I need advice, I might as well ask the love guru herself.

“Uh, mum?” I started out hesitantly. She raised an eyebrow at me. “I kind of need help with the love life…”

She gave me a smile that showed pride. “Oh, a little trouble with the ladies?” I nodded.

“Well, I kind of…I a…” I couldn’t find the words to start this awkward conversation.

“Spit it out boy! You’re boring me to death!”

“Well, you know how much I like my Violet but I kind of founded out last night that she... loves me.” I feel the heat invading my cheeks as I sip my tea. Mum suddenly bursts out laughing, tears coming to her eyes.

“Wow mum. Thanks so much for the help.” I muttered sarcastically as I put down my saucer with my cup of tea and get up to leave. Mum catches my shoulder while saying, “No, no, no, no, no, and no. Stay here and let me explain.” I glare at her as I sit back down. She sits across of me and starts talking.

“What you have is a girl who fancy’s you more then you fancy her. Sure, it can be hard and awkward but blimey boy, the feeling you’ll get once you realize you love her! And until then, just act as if nothing is wrong and everything is fine!” she sits back, smiling at me while nodding her head. Thinking she is just so superb with her helpful advice. I give her a WTF look.

“Thanks mum.” I mumble. I stand up, kiss her head and leave the kitchen. “Where are you going you bloke?” she chuckles.

“Picking up Violet! She doesn’t have a car, remember?” I yell back at her. I slam the door and walk out into rain. I have a frustrated expression plastered on my face. Rage and confusing flashes through my silver eyes.

How can I act as though everything is fine when it’s not! She loves me and I don’t love her! Should I break up with her?

These thoughts come racing to my mind while I start the ignition. I drove fast and dangerously over to Violet’s place. Once I was outside her house I slammed my hand on the wheel.

I heard screeching, smashing and various swear words. Then I saw Violet running out of her house, tears streaming down her cheeks. I come dashing out of the car, letting her run into my open arms. I embraced her and soothed her while she sobbed to me about her family. I carried her to the car and drove her to the drive in star bucks and ordered a tall coffee. I wrapped my arm around her and listened to her cry.

“They are just so mean and…and…” she lost her words in another sob. I hugged her again.

“If you want, you could crash at my house tonight. My mum and da won’t mind, they’re crazy enough to allow me to buy this car. How about that?” I ask her gently. She sniffles and nods against my shoulder.

I peck her quickly on the lips and we continue to hug. Even though her love for me is making me uncomfortable and worried and nervous, I still like her. And she needs me. I’m not going to let her down.

The End

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