One Is The Magic Number

Kylie Night:


I come running through the door just as my mom is coming down the stairs, looking especially professional in her grey suit and pink tie.

“Hey honey.” She says as I kiss her cheek and continue my way up the winding stair case. “Where were you last night? I tried to call!” she yelled up at me. She’s wrong. So totally wrong. She never tried to call, never has ever! All she cares about is if I get home safely in the morning and say goodbye to her. Then if I do that regularly, I can do anything I want.

“Yeah, I was having a sleepover at a friends house and I wanted to call but by the time we got to settled in her house, it was around two AM and I didn’t want to disturb you.” I give her my classic I’m-innocent- smile that has worked for many years. Mom waves it away and walks out the door screaming goodbye.

“Bye!” I say with the best good girl voice I could manage. Once she was gone I gave her a wink behind her back. I giggled and waltzed my way to my emperor suit room. It was magnificent and huge! Though, I don’t spend that much time in it, since I’m always out. Living life and fulfilling a packed up schedule that requires me. I slung my bag off and skipped over to the bathroom. I looked at myself in the mirror and smiled cockily.  

“Am I hot or what?” I ask my reflection and I turned around and slapped my own ass. I laugh and strip and get into the shower. A few minutes later I come out, dripping cold water as my mom forgot to save me some warmth at the very least. I start shivering as I get changed for school. I end up wearing a tight torques t-shirt, a black vest, my favorite pair of skinny jeans and my black leather boots. I come back into the bathroom and start blow drying my hair while listening to my I-pod. I blast the music louder then from last night. I sing along as my hair starts to dry and shine. Moments later I finish and start applying my makeup. I am such a pro at it that I can finish in a matter of five and a half minutes.

 Just before I’m about to leave I remember the most important thing I have to do after having sex. Pregnancy test.

I come back up the stairs, into the bathroom again and reach down my hidden box behind my rack of towels. I pull out a little pink box. I know the retinue. It’s not my first time, you know?

I wait for it to fertilize as I munch happily on an apple. I know I’m not pregnant. We used a condom. I hear the magic beeping of the stick informing me it had its results. I pick it back up with a tissue and look. Suddenly my heart beat stops. I can’t breath. I back up to the wall, starting to panic. I slide down to the tiled flooring and stare. There, in the middle of the screen was a small pink plus sign.

The End

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