Carson Brice:

Waking up in the early morning to the annoying ring of my alarm isn’t something I look forward too each day, but on this particular morning, I felt satisfied and loved. I woke up staring at the white ceiling above me. I felt her stir next to me as I shut off that stupid alarm. I leaned down and kissed her neck softly.

“Good morning love.” I whispered to her gently. She smiled and turned her way towards me. Her pale green eyes shined. Her blonde hair curled from lasts nights’ heat. She kissed me passionately for a few moments before replying to me.

“Good morning. Last night was amazing. I’m so glad I’m waking up to you.” She rolled over and was onto of me again. She wrapped her arms around me and listened while I talked.

“I just can’t believe I did it last night. I always thought I’d wait till after grad to finish but I guess not. But I’m glad it was with you, Kylie. I grinned at her while she laughed.

“Come on, we have to get ready for school. Wait, is your mom still here?” she asked while glancing nervously at my closed door. I chuckled and shook my head. My mom was away at a business trip for a few days. She sighed and got up. She hugged to the white sheet from my bed, it clinging itself to her flawless nude body. I felt aroused as I thought back to last night. After escaping that boring party we came back to my house.

It was great.

Though I do feel kind of guilty seeing as a few hours before the sex I told myself I wasn’t going to do it until I was ready. Guess I was. I watched as Kylie skipped her merry little way to my bathroom before giving me a wink. I grinned childish at her. But once she was out of sight, I flopped back down on my bed.

God, I can’t believe I did something so crazy. So wild. And with Kylie Night? I ought to get props for that. Though I am still with Gracie.

Oh no. Oh crap! I totally forgot about Gracie! What am I going to say to her when I see her? Will I be able to lie to her face? Or will I admit that I cheated. Now that would be stupid. I should just keep my mouth shut until I figure this all out! STOP TALKING IN YOUR HEAD!

Kylie came out, wearing the same clothes she had on last night. She was frantically running her fingers through her hari, trying to untangle the knots. I quickly looked at the clock and noticed we only had another hour left before school. I still needed to take Kylie home. I threw on some washed out blue jeans and a simple black t-shirt. I ran out the door whilst grabbed Kylie’s hand. We raced down the stairs and out the door. I got to her house quickly and sat there waiting while she got ready for school. While I waited, I thought about Gracie.

What would be her reaction if she found out? Will she ever find out? I don’t want to dump her because I still care about her but Kylie and I have this chemistry that just works out great! But I can’t have two girlfriends!

I groaned and bang my head on the steering wheel, which only made it honk. I needed help.

The End

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