Smitten Kitten

Lukas Samuels:

I travel through the dancing crowd. Rubbish is spewed all over Ryan’s carpeted floor, spilt beer and chip crumbles lay on the tables. My eyes glanced over everyone. I am looking for Violet. She was supposed to meet me here.

“Violet?” I call out. My voice is lost from the extremely loud beat from the drums. I turn around and yell out to Robert Lee who is managing the stereo, “Turn that trash down!” People near me look at me as if I were mental. Robert looks at me with a WTF look  on his face. He can't hear me. I started walking slowly closer to him. I cup my hands around my mouth and screamed louder.

“Turn it down!” he gave me a shrug. I sighed and fastened my pace to him. I just was nearing him when suddenly a hand came out from a near by door and grabbed my shirt roughly. They pulled me into the bathroom, pushed me against the closed loo. They slammed and locked the door. It took a moment from the horrid lighting to realize it was Violet. She looked relived.

“Finally I found you! I’ve been looking for you for a while!” she gave me a smile.

“You were looking for me?” I asked. She nodded and sat down in the bathtub. “In here?” I asked again, gesturing to our surroundings. She laughed and beckoned me to come sit with her. I shuffled over, sat down against the hard tub and she laid her head on my shoulder. I kissed the top of her head. “Why are you hiding in here?” I mumble in her ear. Though we could still hear the terrible music playing through the door, it was still pretty quiet in here. Violet sighed and stared at nothing.

“I guess I just hate party’s.” she snuggled deeper into me. Soon we just lay holding each other in the bathtub.

“This is weird.” I chuckled in her ear. She kissed my shoulder.

“Yeah, well we are weird. Ever thought about that?” She giggled as I gave her a look. I ended up smiling to admitting the truth. I’m weird because my family is weird. I glance over at Violet. She’s hugging me while a smile is plastered on her face. She sighs happily and looks like she is in totally bliss. I remove a strain of hair that fell into her face and replace it behind her ear. She smiles wider and laughs once. God sometimes I wish I could understand what was going on in her head. She has such a horrible life though she thinks all positive. I kiss her nose and whisper, “You look utterly beautiful tonight by the way...Totally gorgeous and smitten.” She laughs at this and blushes slightly.

“Do you even know what smitten means, Lukas?” I shake my head and we laugh.

“It means deeply affected by love.” She looks up at me. At first I’m lost in the liquidness of her chocolate brown eyes but then realization hits me. Love?

Does Violet love me? Holy crap! I look down at her and smile nervously.

Why would anyone love me? I’m half British, I’m not that good looking, I am smart but am not the all star player when it comes to sports and I’m built like a old pillow! Violet beams at me and I smile hesitantly back.

Could she?

The End

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