Party Time

 Kylie Night:

The upbeat sound of the defining music was heard all the way down the street. I walked absently, bobbing my head along to the music. I felt the familiar excitement in the pit of my stomach as I came closer to the party. The excitement filled up my entire body. I couldn’t help but smile. You never know what might happen at Ryan McRae’s’ weekly parties.

I came waltzing up the lawn, stepping over already passed out frat boys. A small group of varsity jocks hooted and yelled for me to come over to them. I smiled and waved but continued my way to the front door. There, I found Carson waiting for me. He gave me a huge smile of relief.
“Hey, you look great tonight.” He murmured in my ear. It was true. I was wearing my loose fitting grey top and my black tank top under it. My shoulders were bare and I wore my demine skirt with the embroider in it. For shoes I wore of course my purple flats. I smiled.

“Thanks you look pretty hot yourself.” I looked over his button up pale blue shirt and dark jeans. I bit my lip and laughed. He grabbed my hand and we shuffled through the crowed until we got to a free couch. Few people screamed hi to us, we waved back Life is great when your popular.

The party droned on, the playlist for songs were changing fast. Carson and I danced a little bit. Even to a slow song; I find those dorky. When I started getting bored, I glanced over to Carson, gave him a nudged and gestured to the upstairs bedrooms. He smiled naughtily. I grabbed his hand and we raced up the creaky stairs into the nearest bedroom. It had baby blue carpeted flooring, lime green walls and a funky design on the bed. I would of guessed this was Ryan's little sisters room, Audrey.

I pulled him onto the bed with me. I slowly leaned into him. Once my lips met his, I snuggled closer into him. He wrapped his arms around me, pushing me closer. After a few minutes of kissing I opened his mouth a little and we were doing it the french style.

It felt great to finally be kissing someone who isn't afraid to let loose. I mean Jayden's great and all but he likes to take things slow. Hello! We've been going out for an year! Shouldn't we be already at the state where kissing is a normal routine with us?

However that is why I'm with Carson now. You know. I'm just playing the feild. When I dump Jayden, Carson will be all mine. Only if I don't get bored with him. But by the thing I feel on my hip, I'm pretty sure he won't get bored of me.

The End

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