Carson Brice:

I come walking out of the gymnasium door, sweat clinging to my forehead. The cool autumn air feels nice on my skin from running around for a half an hour. I have a grin playing on my face as I replay the awesome practice we just had in my mind. Coach says we'll be ready for the tournament pretty soon. Especially if I'm playing defense.

I pass by some freshmen and they give eyes at me. I wink at them, you know, for fun. They blush and start giggling like little girls. I chuckle to myself as I walk towards the courtyard, where Gracie said she’d meet me after school.

It is still partly crowded, filled with a variety of different groups just hanging out. I say hi to a few people but sit down and wait for Gracie. A few minutes later and I see her walking up to me, her long brown curly hair tied up in a pony tail. She looks up from her feet and smiles at me. Gracie is great, she’s pretty, smart and is like the best girlfriend. She just a little uptight with the entire kissing ordeal. Which really sucks. You know, for me.

Hey Carson!” she mumbles as I get up and kiss both of her cheeks. “How was practice?” she asks as we walk towards my truck.

Pretty good, just don’t hug me. I’m all sweaty.” I give her a grin as she returns it with a slight smile. We get into my old ’89 Chevy truck and leave the parking lot. I focus on driving as she listens to the crappy radio.

Want to come over to my house? My parents aren’t home and maybe we can finally watch a scary movie without my mom freaking out.” And maybe we can finally have a good make out session. I say to myself as I wait for her answer. I glance at her after a couple moments of silence. She’s hesitating, knowing that I’ll probably make a move on her. She’s chewing on her lower lip while she fidgets with her hands. Gracie looks up at me and smiles.

Sure, a movie would be great!” she exclaims. I chuckle and push on the gas pedal so we can get home faster. Gracie notices my sudden enthusiasm and starts to blush, thinking over what might happen. I don’t know why she is so worried about kissing; it is the most naturalist thing in the whole world. Everyone does it.

Maybe she knows she is bad at it. Well no, that’s not it because when I finally break down that wall of embarrassment, she is one hell of a kisser. Is she worried we might have sex? Well she shouldn’t! I’m all for kissing but sex isn’t something I would do unless I was ready. Sure a lot of guys in our grade are talking about it as if they’ve done it a million times before but I know they’re just trying to look cool so that one day they may actually score.

We pull up into my driveway and into the garage. I jump out, grab my backpack and open the passenger’s door for Gracie.

Thank you.” She says politely. I bow down to her and laugh. She starts walking to the door and I catch up with her. I grab her hand and we walk into the downstairs hallway. We walk down to the basement where we have the flat screen TV and all the movies.

You can chose while I get us some munchies!” I smile at her one last time and skip away into the kitchen. I get a hold of some cokes and all dressed ruffled chips. Gracie already has the movie on when I come back. The starting of The Grudge is flashing across the screen. I place the snacks on the table and slump down next to Gracie while putting my arm around her.

During the movie, she jumps a few times but laughs it off. In the middle, I lean in and kiss her right on the lips. She freezes for a second but gives up and kisses me back. I don’t try to rush things. I just softly kiss her, waiting for her to break. She runs her fingers through my hair and I smile. I place my hand on the small of her back and the other on her neck. This continues for at the very least, three minutes. She finally bolts straight up, releases her lips from mine and turns her attention back to the movie.

Great. Same old Gracie.

Suddenly I hear my cell phone buzz. I excuse my self and grab it from my back pack. It’s a text from Kylie Night.

See you late at the party tonight! ;D

The End

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