Hugs & Kisses

A love game at Walker High.Told in six different views, you will see every other side of the story.


Gracie Andrews:


Under the towering old oak tree I sit surrounded by fallen leaves of early autumn, concentrating as hard as I could on editing the drawing I made of my friend, Jayden Wyatt. He had dragged me away from the crowded courtyard to the secluded forested area near the school grounds. I glanced back up to Jayden, looking over his features one last time.

His face was partly hidden from his long black bangs, covering his complex hazel eyes. His pale skin is looking especially transparent from the lack of sunshine in our odd town. He's sitting crossed legged on the only flat rock here, which I'm jealous of. We had to fight our way to it, but he tripped me when I was halfway there. He earned a slapping fight after that, but we laughed it off like we usually do.

After looking over his face one last time, I nervously looked down at my drawing and sighed. Compared to his looks and my horrible artistic skills, the portrait might as well have been drawn by my annoying five year old brother.

Jayden looks up curiously and asks,“You finished?” I bit my lower lip and nod. He raises one eye brow.

Can I see it?” He sticks out a hand to the space that's between us. I shake my head. “Why not?” he chuckles.

Because once you see it, you'll laugh and ridicule me for my suck ass skills.” I mumble under my breath.

Jayden rolls his eyes. “Let me see it.”

No.” I say getting up.

Yes, Gra-,” he gets cut off by my continuous ranting of “No!” as I run around and hide behind the tree.

Gracie, stop acting childish!” He laughs. I stand straight up against the rough bark, trying to listen to upcoming footsteps. Suddenly Jayden in front of me, picking me up and flinging me behind his back. “I got you now! No need to struggle girl!” He yells teasingly in a rough, deep voice. I start slapping his back with the notebook, giggling over the new game. He sits me back down to the spot I was once in and we start to slow down our chuckling. He gazes down into my eyes. I feel my breath intake. He's so cute.

No! I tell myself quickly, trying to tear my gaze away. I shouldn't be saying that! Your going out with Carson. Remember? Your boyfriend of three months?

Please?” He asks gently. His dazzling looks win me over. I hand him over the note book, not taking my eyes off him. He grabs hold of the book, slowly breaks out of my sight. He looks down and I blush a scarlet red. He looks over it for many minutes, my heart getting ready to burst from anticipation. excellent.” He finally says. I let out a huge breath out. But then give him a confused look.

Really? That good?” I ask while taking back my drawing, looking over it yet again.

Yeah, it's like from one of those anime shows. You made me really cute.” He flashes me a grin and I blush again deep red. You're already really cute. I think to myself.

Do I get to see your drawing?” I ask, shoving his shoulder playfully. He sighs, and shakes his head. “Hey, come on! I showed you mine!”

That's because you're so gullible.” Before I could protest, I hear someone coming our way. I glance to the side and what do I find? Kylie Night. Jayden's long term girlfriend. Her flawless platinum blond hair swayed as she strut towards us. Her walk belonged on a stage, as if the ground suddenly transformed into a catwalk.

Hey babe, ready to go?” She coos to Jayden, not even meeting his eyes. She was too busy talking to people on her phone. “Sure. See you Gracie.” He stands up, grabs his notebook and walks away, with me gazing after him and my heart pounding too hard for my liking.

The End

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