Just do It


The sun is setting below the dilapidated houses that lie across the street, the heat is turned off so it's 69 degrees in the apartment, and it's eight o'clock at night and I still haven't opened my book bag to do the humongous amount of homework I have. In addition to that Soccer practice has made my legs numb, I got into an argument with my boyfriend, and when i got home my parents scolded me for forgetting to do the dishes. All I want to do is blast Kendrick and forget about the world, but unfortunately that's not how it works. So, I suck it up, walk around with an attitude and clean the dishes.

In the kitchen my mom is helping my sister with her math homework and she's getting upset because she doesn't understand. It gets so annoying listening to her whine all night. I wish there was a mute button. I can see it now her opening her mouth but nothing but air coming out.

The End

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