HSM... 4:10 Years Later

Me and my friend Sarah making fun of HSM. Sarahs Part is Italic. Mine is reg.

‘Oh gross! What’s in my boots?’ said Troy Bolton.

‘I think it’s moldy cheese, eggplant and popcorn from our last nights dinner, Troy.’ Said his wife Sharpay.

‘Oh Yeah,’ said Gabriella. ‘I didn’t have a trash bag, so I filled up your boots… they’re ugly anyways.’

‘Yeah…I guess thats true… Well, let’s sing our cleaning up song!’ stated Troy, ‘I’ll start…’

Clears Throat..
‘Let it go,
Let your trash go,
Let your peace prevail…. Take it away Sharpay!’

‘It smells so bad,
just like your breath,
your smelly toes,
from the trash below.’ Sings in horrible opera voice

Gabriella finished the verse with this line:
‘SOOOOoooooooooo… (yells/shouts)
Take the trash out,
out of your shoes,
Be-CAUSE….(yells/shouts.. again)
it smellllllllsss
BAD !’

Now that the singing? shouting session was over, they realized that Troy still had the trash in his shoes…so…they took a vaccum and vaccummed the rug.


The End

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