Chapter 1 part 2

It was in the news the next morning. Jim Mitchell was sitting at his kitchen table, looking over the two newspapers in front of him. One was the London Times, the front page headline reading "Mysterious Weather Patterns Last Night Cause Change in Owl Flight Patterns." While the other, the Daily Prophet, simply read; "He's Gone." As he compared the two articles, Jim's wife, Alli, entered the tiny kitchen, practically dancing as she opened the small window above the sink.

"Good morning Jim." She said happily. "Isn't it wonderful? You-Know-Who is gone!"

"I was reading about that." Jim replied. "The Times say it was lightning."

"That's Muggles for you," Alli said with a smile. "They don't notice anything."

Jim shot her a look over his papers. "I certainly noticed something." He said with a sniff as his wife pulled a slender wooden stick out of a drawer and gave it a wave. Several bowls flew out of the cupboards and arranged themselves on the counters.

"How about a celebratory breakfast?" She asked. "Waffles sound good." Ingredients began to fly out of the refrigerator at remarkable speeds and Jim ducked instinctively.

"Yes!" Said a little boy, about seven years old, as he came into the room still wearing his pajamas. "Is it my birthday?" He asked, for that is the only reason for a seven year old to celebrate.

"No Asher," Jim said calmly, "but we have other reasons to be happy. Such as the fact that your mother is an excellent cook."

Alli put her hand on the boy's shoulder. "We are celebrating the birthday of another little boy." She explained. "We are celebrating Harry Potter, the Boy who Lived. Because he--" The moment was interrupted by an urgent beeping.

"Oh dear, I'm late for work!" Jim announced, checking his watch. "My boss is not going to be happy."

"Oh, but what about breakfast?" Alli asked.

"I'm sorry, but my supervisor will have a cow if I'm late."

"I'll send you some waffles for lunch then." Alli decided patiently.

"Not by owl, someone will notice--"

"Not today," Alli gave him a peck on the cheek. "There are so many owls flying around London, no one will notice one more. I promise the waffles will arrive hot on your desk."

"With butter and syrup?" Jim smiled as he shrugged into his suit jacket and grabbed his briefcase.

"Of course."

"I'll leave my office window open." The two embraced quickly.

"We dont have to be afraid anymore." Alli began as Jim's watch beeped again.

"Except of Vernon Dursley." He said dejectedly.

"He's just a Muggle, he can't take away our son's future." Alli assured him. Jim just smiled and went out the door. "Go and be the best you can be!" She called after him as he climbed into the car.

"I will." He called back before heading off to the drill company. Asher simply sat at the table, and poured more syrup onto his waffle, which had delivered itself to his plate.

"This is the best day ever!" He said. His mother nodded and prepared her owl to take some letters to her own friends and family,to spread the news. You-Know-Who was gone, and their children were safe.

The End

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