Chapter 1: The Beginning

This story takes place during the ten years that J.K. Rowling skips over between her first and seconds chapters in the Harry Potter series, ten years is time long enough for a class of Hogwarts students to go through school and be adults before Mr. Potter even starts his adventure. Life moves on in the magical world with out him y'know. This is about a few of those students

For the end of July, the night was unnaturally cold. Jordan and Alexandra Rivers shut the windows and bolted the doors in preparation for what they knew would happen. They hid their seven year old daughter under their bed and stood at the front door, clutching their wands.

"Maybe they won't--" Alexandra began

"Don't do that. We are targets, the best we can do is fight against them." Jordan said quickly. He spoke quietly not to upset their young daughter down the hall.

Outside the most despicable of wizards, The Deatheaters, marched on the street. They were following the orders of their master. He was the mose evil of them all: The Dark Lord, who no one would dare speak the name of for fear of him. It was widely rumored that on this night the Dark Lord would send his Deatheaters to destroy all of the wizards that dared to stand against him. The Dark Lord himself, it was said, was going out personally to destroy the family that would become his biggest threat.

Jordan looked sidelong at his wife. She was young, and still beautiful even now that the fear spread her features. Her green eyes were opened wide and her lips moved as she recited spells toherself under her breath. Jordan couldn't suppress a smile, but he wiped it off of his face as he turned back to the door, concentrating. He stood straight, trying to convey confidence and courage to his wife and daughter. He felt a little silly in his muggle apparel of jeans and a t-shirt that he wore when off duty from work at the ministry. Alexandra was wearing a similar outfit, but the look on her face said she was focused on anything but clothes. Jordan shook his head to clear out the useless thoughts and began reciting spells of his own.  

Both the Rivers worked at the Ministry of Magic as researchers and spellcasters for protecting the  Wizarding World from curious or clumsy muggles. As the war against the Dark Lord moved on the Rivers had also worked on keeping the muggles unaware of him and the destruction he caused, as well as trying to shield as much as they could from the  Dark Lord's detection. This job is what made them a target for the evil men outside.

Jordan and Alexandra paused in their recitations of spells to share a meaningful look. This night may be  their last, but they needed to fight for their daughter, so that she could grow up to be the powerful witch they knew she could become. The air in the room got colder, and the windows started to mist up as the Deatheaters came closer to the small house.

"Here they come." Jordan whispered, grasping his wand tightly. Alexandra tensed beside him, bracing herself to fight. But for all their preparation, the blast that blew open the front door knocked them off of their feet, burying them under the splintered remains of their front door, and the wall surrounding it. Jordan sprang upright, readying a spell, he waved his wand above his head and opened his mouth to yell when the lead Deatheater, a dark mask and robe obscuring his identity, flicked his wand contemptuously, throwing Jordan against the far wall.  Alexandra screamed a spell at the man. He was thrown out through the hole that had been the door into his followers, toppling them like muggle bowling pins. Jordan dropped to the floor, groaning. Alexandra glanced sideways at him to make sure he was alright, then turned back towards the invaders. She knew that her life, and the lives of her husband and daughter depended on her full concentration upon the Deatheaters. As Jordan came to stand by her and they both raised their wands ready to defend their home again, a flash of green light shot like lightning  across the sky. The Deatheaters looked up as it passed overhead, then, as the light faded, the evil wizards fled, all of their resolve and confidence gone. Alexandra and Jordan understood in a moment.

Somehow, in some way, the Dark Lord, was gone.

Almost immediately hundreds if not thousands of owls filled the night sky, some flying through the ruined front door to drop letters off on the kitchen table. Alexadra looked closely at the letters, no, not even letters, slips of parchment. Many only had two words written on it

"He's Gone"

Until, a little while later another slip of paper joined the first

"The Potter Boy Did It"

The End

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