A short story which i did for my GCSE english lit coursework last year and recieved an A* i thought id copy it up on here. any thoughts or comments good and be happy to hear peoples advice or opinions thanks!
(unfortunatley the spelling mistakes cant be changed and i didnt proof read it before i published it! sorry)

It was dark. The only light that fell on the open field was from the moon, glaring down at the earth with importance. Rebelling against his lead my dog, Oscar, trotted soundlessly beside me, stopping to sniff mounds of mud every now and then. His black fur blended into the dark, unwelcoming night, giving him an almost phantom-like quality.

Coming to an abrupt halt, I looked back over my shoulder, sensing something was wrong. Oscar had stopped dead in his tracks a little way behind. Preoccupied. Slowly, I crouched down in front of him, reaching out to stroke his sleek black head. A low, rumbling growl escaped his throat and the hackles on the back of his nck stood up on end. It took several attempts to stir him from his terrified trance. Rubbing his head against my shins he let out a defeated whimper, "Come on buddy, we'll be home soon" I reassured hi, standing up again to carry on walking. Slightly fazed by Oscar's weird behaviour, I glanced briefly around the vast, dark space; noticing only the trees swaying peacefully in the light breeze. Staying deliberatley close to me Oscar continued walking to, though he seemed more alert now. The gate to exit the field was in view, standing only a few meters ahead. "See, the sooner we get back on the road the..." I was cut off mid-sentence. The lead wrenched from my grasp, still attached to Oscar's collar and i heard him running back the way we had just come. Back toward the trees. Frantically calling out his name into the relentless darkness, I panicked not really knowing what to do.

Forgetting how daunting the dark looming forest was, i broke into a run. Even though I'm usually a coward, I wanted my dog back safe. Instinct took over and before I knew it I was standing, out of breath, at the mouth of the wood. Staring into the inky black hole between the trees, I remembered the last time Oscar did this;

It was a lovely day in the middle of summer. He was off the lead weaving in and out of the bluebells standing proudly in the mid-day sun. Sitting with my back against a beautiful oak tree I nodded off. Only for a few minutes, but by the time I came round from my state of blissfull unconsciousness he was gone. But the fear and worry I felt then was not a patch on how terrified I was now.

I put one foot forward, nervously edging closer to the mouth of the wood, almost daring myself to go further. Then...a loud, blood-curdling howl erupted from deep within the forest. Frozen in place my mouth fell open as if about to scream, but no sound came out. Icy fear pooled in my stomach. I rummaged desperatley in my pocket for my phone. It fell to the ground with a dull thud. "Shit!" I hissed, droppingto my knees on the damp, hard ground. I groped around, wincing as my hand scraped over a sharp rock, an edge of flint slicing my skin, embedded in the dirt. Within a few long seconds I found my phone. Picking it up, a warm unwelcome tear rolled down my cheek. Just as i was about to dial, I felt something brush against my leg. My heart kicked into fourth gear and i froze again. The ice was now gripping, choking my racing heart. When the mysterious, dark figure sat down, nudging me with its nose, felief washed over me like a tsunami. Instinctivley I scraped up the now damp lead and gripped it tight. Crouching down again I took Oscar's head in my hands and kissed his cheek "don't you ever do that to me again. understand?!" I ordered, not expecting a reply. Deciding to forget the horrifying howl I used my phones bright screen to examine my dog more carefully. I was shocked at the state of him. Thick, red liquid dripped from his chin. At first i thought he might have bitten his tongue, but the fur around his face and neck was matted with more sticky red stuff.


I gulped, hoping he had merely caught a rabbit ,and turned swiftly on my heel. Closing the distance between me and the gate, I tried desperatley to gather my thoughts. What animal could have howled like that? Where did Oscar go? And, more importantly, who or what did the blood once belong to?

I glanced up at the full moon and then down at Oscar, now walking normally, tail wagging, eyes bright with excitement , and shook my head, almost smiling at my childish thought. "not possible" I said out loud, trying to forget what happened completley.

Beyond the street lamp up ahead, I saw something move, running across the road and darting into a gap in the hedgerow. A fresh shiver crept down my spine, goose bumps sprung down my arms like pouncing cats. But i couldn't stop. I couldn't go back towards the wood, not now. I had to get home. Somehow.

The End

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