"Get This Woman a Shot!"Mature

Once out in the corridor again - she didn’t notice that Goddamned smell this time - she paced back and forth, her whole body shaking and trembling. 

You’re dying Jules, you’re going to have to come to terms with that. You’re going to have to finally accept what Howie went through, and what you’re now going through. If you don’t, maybe all that’s waiting for you on the other side is just a black void…

Julia slumped back against the wall, sinking slowly to her knees. Dr. Haskell had ran to get a nurse. To get Mrs. Macalister a shot, no doubt. She didn’t care. She didn’t even notice. She just knelt there, beside the seat where she had been sitting only minutes ago. 

Julia Macalister turned her face to the wall and cried. 

The End

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