how Zero was able to draw

A mythical story of how the creature Zero was able to draw once again after meeting a human girl on the other side of the glass wall



                Zero was a being unlike no other. He had a human face with blue shaggy human hair, human hands and human feet. He had yellow cat eyes; his body was mostly made up of blue fur from neck to ankles except for a yellow belt across his torso and yellow cross symbols that were marked on each of his shoulders. He had a blue fox-like tail with a yellow stripe going around it, and blue rabbit-like ears with yellow tips and holes in the middle of his ears that were traced in yellow. He even had his own black collar which he kept secure around his neck.


One day while Zero was roaming the forest beyond his home, he came across a large glass wall that was a few yards high and stretched across the land for as far as the eye could see. Walking closer to examine his finding, Zero then began running his hand against the smooth surface – following the wall to who-knows-where. After walking a few feet, he looked up and spotted a beautiful blond human girl from one of the villages in the area standing by herself on the opposite side of the glass. He ran towards her.

                “What is this wall doing here?” Zero asked her curiously. Surprised at seeing the strange creature, the human girl could only shake head her head and shrug; though she hadn’t heard him.

                “What is this wall doing here???” Zero spoke up again, but this time much louder.  The girl still could not hear him. It was no use, the glass was too thick. Suddenly, Zero thought of another way he could communicate with the human. He bent down, brushed away a few leaves and branches that were beneath his feet, and gathered two pieces of coal from under the ground. He brought one of the pieces of coal up to the glass wall and wrote with his right hand instead, ‘What is this wall doing here?’. With that, he tossed the other piece of coal over the wall for the girl to catch.

                Once she had the coal, she wrote back using her left hand ‘I don’t know. I came out here not too long ago and found it.’ Zero pondered for a moment.

                ‘What is your name?’


                ‘That’s a cute name’. The girl blushed as she watched Zero write this. Zero smiled happily. The next thing he wrote was ‘Would you like to draw? =)’.  Story nodded and smiled back at him, replying ‘Of course I would :3’. So for the rest of the afternoon, the two sat on either side of the wall - drawing things such as small animals, flowers, hearts and even each other. Unfortunately, it wasn’t long before a chill started to fill the air and the sun’s last few rays shone through the treetops.

                Zero frowned when he became aware of the approaching darkness and drop in temperature.

                ‘I’m cold. . .’ he wrote with his stubby piece of coal. Story frowned as well.

                ‘I want to be with you’, Zero continued to write. Seeing that, Story smiled slightly and wrote, ‘You are with me. Just this stupid wall separates us’. The wall. Zero didn’t realize how much he hated it until now. He stood up, and without hesitation, began throwing punches at the wall in a fit of anger and sadness – he would not hold back. Frightened, the girl shot up and begged him to stop.

“Please! Don’t! You mustn’t! You’ll get hurt!” she cried. Zero couldn’t hear her.

Finally, gathering up all the strength from deep within him, he delivered a blow with his right hand that sent shards of glass flying everywhere. Story screamed in a high pitch voice, but her sound was soon covered by the sound of a ghastly wind that was somehow pulling the shards back together on the wall, leaving Zero’s hand cut, scarred and in pain.


The next day Zero came back to the wall, his arm was totaled and wrapped up in leafy bandage material.  There at the wall, he found the girl waiting for him, sitting on the forest floor with a piece of coal ready at her side. Zero sat down across from her at the other side of the wall. Story forced a smile and wrote, ‘Are you okay?’. Zero nodded. The next thing Story wrote was, ‘Wanna draw =)?’

Then, with his only available hand, Zero picked up his piece of chalk and wrote very sloppily:

‘I can’t anymore’

He got up and left, parting the girl who was lost in her own thoughts of mixed emotions.


Later that day, Zero yet again came back to the wall, wanting nothing more than to see the human girl. This time, he arrived to find her smiling cheerfully on her side of the wall while wearing a red cloak that covered her whole body. A suspicious small bundle awaited him on his side of the wall. He raised an eyebrow and went over to it. Once there, he sat down and placed the bundle in his lap. Story nodded and beckoned him to open it, still smiling. Hesitantly, Zero took his left hand and started to unwrap it. He gasped once he saw what was inside it. It was the girl’s soft, clean right arm.

‘Draw with me’ she wrote on the wall eagerly.


                Using her hand, Zero was able to draw from that day forward.

The End

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