.....Tum's hunger overtook and he ate like a hungry horse. Within seconds the seed and roots had found their way to Tum's stomach.

Wum and Tum then continued their journey through the forest, unaware of their time and destination. They had walked a mile or so when they stumbled upon a small streamling. The two adventurer's thirst grew and they followed the streamling to a vast open lake which seemed to have no end.

The filled their canteens with fresh and sweet water and drank gallons. They then bathed in the cool and refreshing water which was enriched in minreals.

Wum quietly descended on the shore, resting his muscular back on smooth rounded pebbles, relaxed.

"We'd Better Hurry Up, or We wont be back home early" said Tum who was still not done having his share of water.

"Its okay, companion, it will be perfectly okay if we delay our arrival, the tribe head will understand" said Wum thoughtfully.

"I will buy your word for that, but the question is, what do we do next?" said Tum.

The End

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