The Truth

Wum woke up with a start. His eyes cracked open and and his hand automatically felt for his bow and arrow. Wum was safe, and so was his companion. It was just a bad dream Wum said reassuringly .

Wum looked at the sky, but there was not a hint of sunlight to comfort him. Unaware of the time, Wum woke up Tum and told him about last night's encounter with the lion, but Tum refused to abide.

"Lions are dangerous, my friend, they do not go around giving advice to humans like us" said Tum, logically.

"But I dont think It was any other lion, I think it was the great Leo himself. Lions with mane flowing till their paws, with glittering eyes and human tongue aren't found everyday. And besides the lion also left a portion of roots and seeds for you" said Wum and handed over the Purple pacakge to Tum.

Tum stared at it, as if it would vaporize him. But soon..........

The End

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