The Lion Encounter

The Two friends made their way through the thicket of the forest, knives in hand and a quiver of arrows strapped around their back.

The forest was dangerous, and often was the home for hungry predators.

Wum And Tum were aware about this, so they decided to bring along a bow and quiver of arrows. And also a sharp stone knife to cut through the thicket of vines and overgrown plants. A sword would have been too heavy to carry and none of the friends were good swordsmen. They had good aim.

The forest showed no mercy to them. Soon they found themselves treading in pitch darkness. Wum quickly pulled out his flint stones and made a fire.

They worked for some minutes before they realized that they had been travelling in circles.

Tum collapsed under a Banyan Tree and Wum too had lost his energy.

That's when they heard a roar.

Wum quickly turned his torch around.

In front him stood a magnificent lion.

His golden mane flowed around his necks to his paws.

His eyes shone like embers, piercing the darkness with a spear of light.

His face was solemn, and his mouth slightly open, baring his white, sharp teeth.

Tum had however lost all his sense and had fainted.

Wum prepared to make a run. He was not going to be eaten by this vicious lion. But what about Tum? Wum couldn't leave him here.

"Don't think of running, you foolish human" said the lion. "I am here to help not to eat."

"You and your friends should encounter some of my people, by my people I do not mean more lions, but other creatures like elephants, fish and snakes. Each of them will advise you, thus, their advise will help you built a new, sturdy and comfortable shelter."

"Once all of them have helped you. You must build the house and share its knowledge with your tribe" said the Lion.

"Now if you mind, I have other jobs to attend."finished the lion

Wum closed his eyes and opened them again, to find the lion gone and a purple packet lying on his feet.

What was happening?

Wum picked up the packet and opened it, to his surprise he found his favorite roots and seeds wrapped around  leaf.

There were two of them, one for Tum, he supposed.

Wum was tired, he finished the eating his share of roots and lost himself into a dreamless slumber.





The End

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