How Was The First House Built

Two friends embark on a journey, hoping to find ways to built better shelter for their tribe.

This story dates back to the time, when there were no towns, no cities or even villages.

Humans used to take refuge under the cool shades of trees or sometimes used to build themselves umbrella-like structures out of leaves whilst it rained.

However, these lodgings couldn't provide humans with enough comfort.

On stormy nights, the loose leaves would give away to the howling winds, collapsing the structure, thus the humans used to spend countless nights, too drenched and cold to fall asleep.

The humans however ignored the problem for many moons, until two friends decided that it was enough. 

It was a pleasant morning. The sun was high up in the sky, a gentle breeze took hold of the surroundings.

Tum-Tiger made his way to a small rivulet streaming with cold water. He had eaten the usual lunch of freshly plucked roots and seeds, but the root's spicy flavor made Tum's throat burn.

A hand-full of water did the magic.

Just when Tum-Tiger was about to take refuge under a Orange tree, he was startled by his friend, Wum-Tiger.

"Hello, companion, hope you had a good lunch" Said Wum

"Very well, Wum, but I must say one of the root's pungent taste got my throat on fire. Now, if you mind, I wish to rest and slumber."

"My friend, I understand, yesterday's moon showed no mercy. The tears of the sky tore apart our lodgings. I didn't get to sleep a wink last night, especially with those dripping boughs and the sudden downpour." Muttered Wum

"Yes you are not at all wrong. But I am in no mood for a conversation. I must rest for tonight's hunt." Said Tum.

"Tum, I am aware of your tiredness and need of rest. But don't you think it's about time we solved the nibbling problem of dripping boughs and sudden showers. We can somehow, not battle the will of nature and stop the showers.But We can however, Build better shelters for the betterment of our tribes" Announced Wum

"I admire your idea, Wum, But where shall we find such help, that provides us with ideas and suggestions of better shelter? Of what I know, We should travel over the seas and visit the distant lands."said Tum

"Visiting the distant lands would not be recommended these days, the seas are rough and angry, I suggest we seek help in the forest, to our old friends, animals." Said Wum thoughtfully.

"Wum, You are wise and I shall abide by your decision. We must begin now, without any further delay, so we are rightfully back before the moon shows off her lovely face." Said Tum

And so began the journey.



The End

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