For the reader only:

The condensed version of this tale =
Love, hatred of fellow men, apathy, ignorance, brothers, assassins, kings, countries, keys, and Giant automatons.
Pure awesomeness.

Two Princes born

on the same day

the same year

the same hour

two princes.


In a kingdom

Where only one king

may rule

and little brothers

hold no promise

or position

what a war of words and political correctness

was waged

over the first week of life

until the father won, got his way

One babe was brilliant

the other marked 'AVERAGE'

one sent away

to live

and grow

and learn

above the clouds

with Shazure,  the wizard

to be a prince no more.

The other,

was prince

with every luxury thrust upon him

each desire granted

a rotten child.

they grow still....

The hidden prince

and the spoiled brat

yet times are changing, and changing fast.

And war is being planned.

The End

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