A hidden SecretMature

A one off spoof from my fan fiction.net account split into two pages. I might carry it on into proper chapters but probibly not..tell me what you think anyway..its only like two pages


Edward has a secret that he cannot tell Bella. A secret so secretive that it would effect the course of history as we know it and destroy the universe. Will Edward suck it up and tell Bella his secret or will he buckle down like a little !@@%^ as usual and twinkle

How twilight should have really ended!

Edward and Bella lay in bed after some awkward emo sex. Bella leans in to kiss Edward on the cheek but he flinches and leans away from her act of physical admiration. "What’s wrong Edward. wasn’t that good for you. Edward would simply sigh in reply "Bella I have something to tell you.. Its very important"

"What Edward" Bella would say as she sat up in bed and look to Edward with a puzzled stare. "What could possibly be so important that it delay are ironically necrophilic sex were having" shifting her gaze around the room before looking
back on Edward sitting up next to Bella.

"I’m gay....With Lord Voldemort" said Edward as he leaned further back, bracing himself for Bella's wraith. Bella sat still for a moment staring bewildered at Edward, her jaw dropped also at this sudden shock, minutes ticked by before she finally answered.

“Your....gay...with Voldemort.. she said slowly, her shocked expression slowly becoming rage. You mean....I went through all this..for nothing” she said as her rage began to bubble “I gave up everything for you....for to find your a fudge packer” her rage surfaced at this point making her face go red and her manly features become even more manly than before. Raising her hand she back handed Edward across the face creating a mighty whiplash noise.

Edward recoiled as he grabbed his cheek “Aaaaah!! you bitch” he cried as Bella rose from the bed and stomped around the room in her rage

The End

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