Authentic Story

A adventurous student who thrives to write a great spy novel. Needs serious research to make her story real.

While attending Bradshaw University to work on her English major, Gabrielle Banks waits tables, tends bar, and anything else that is needed at a bricked wall café named Charlie’s. She became friendly with a regular patron named Porter Reece. He is a notable, good-looking 40ish man with a thin beard, who has a cheerful nature. One thing Gabrielle found strange was, he hardly talks about his personal life. She heard he may have worked as a security guard in some government building. When the topic became about him, he was brief and quickly changed the subject.  

Always putting the conversation back to Gabrielle, Porter grew fond of her stories. He likes her sense of adventure and was impressed that she was putting herself through school while running the café for Charlie. He took an interest in her writing and wanted to know what inspires her. What thrills her writing about adventure, mysteries, James Bondish spy stories, etc. Her eyes sparkled as she told him her curtailed anecdote she was working on at the moment. "It is about a thief who plans to steal money from financial institutions by confusing their computer systems. While the bank is trying to fix the quirk, the thieves transfer money into, of course overseas bank accounts. He smiled, showing he amusement with her story.

“I like it so far, but I feel it is missing that authentic quality about it. I wish I could know how it feels to be a high end thief.”  She smiled a mischievous grin.

He smirked and said “Now wouldn’t that be something.”

“Don’t get me wrong. I don’t want to be an actual criminal and end up in prison. This is reality. I wonder how these spy novelists make their stories seem so real.” She sighed and blew a strand of hair from her face. “They can’t all be associated with the International Ring of Espionage.”

As he got up to leave, he patted her on the back, “You have a good point. You will just have to do extensive research.”  

The End

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