Little Priss

"So..." Ella started as she got in the limo that was waiting for her French class outside of the airport. "What are we gonna do first?" She turned to Mrs. Bert, who was yawning and stretching out on the leather seat.

"Check into the hotel...then...." She trailed off, closing her eyes. Ella poked her in the shoulder

"Wake up, wake--" Ella started, but Kayla Defeo nudged her.

"Hey! Stop doing that to Mrs. Bert!" Kayla whispered. Ella rolled her eyes. Kayla is such a kiss-ass teacher's pet sometimes. And Ella hates her. Absolutely despises her.

"Go away, Kayla!" Ella growled, balling her fists.

"Fine. But if you're gonna act like the reckless, careless, dumb, childish--"

"Uh, thanks?" Ella interrupted. Kayla continued, "and ignorant little priss that you are, then don't expect to sit with me at the buffet."

Ella started cracking up. So what, all of a sudden Kayla's popular? And Ella needs to win a seat with her? Uh, I don't think so!

Kayla rolled her eyes. "Pshh, whatever," She sighed. "I'll look forward to seeing you sit alone--for once."

                    After the limo got to Le Figaro, their 5-star french hotel, it was 2:00.  All of the kids went straight to sleep, exhausted from the long plane flight.

The next morning, Ella woke up at 1:00 p.m. She looked around, rubbed her eyes, and lay back down. Then she shot back up--where was everybody?! All of her roomies-- Kayla (ugh), Dana, and Jessica, were no where to be found.

"Uh...hello?" No answer. Quickly, Ella got dressed. Running to the elevator, she threw on her Miu Miu flip-flops. She got down in the lobby, and (phew!), there were her classmates, and Mrs. Bert. She ran up to Mrs. Bert, who kept on glancing down at her watch.

"Ella! I was going to send Kayla to wake you up." Thank god I woke up, Ella thought.

"Well, I'm awake. What are we doing today? Can I go shopping? I saw a cute boutique called Le Buffles, and--"

"Eat some breakfast." Mrs. Bert cut her off, shoving a plate of scrambled eggs in Ella's face.

"I don't eat breakfast."

"You must." Mrs. Bert insisted.

Ella shrugged. "Nope." Ella could just feel Kayla roll her eyes.

"Why don't you sit down," Mrs. Bert gestured to an empty chair around the giant rectangular table next to a fern. "We were just talking about that."

The End

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